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04 Nov. 2022


Temporary protection in Spain: conditions of entry, rights of Ukrainians, social and financial assistance

For refugees


Temporary protection in Spain: conditions of entry, rights of Ukrainians, social and financial assistance

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside of Ukraine

The number of Ukrainian refugees in Europe over the past month has increased by almost 250 thousand people. Most of our fellow citizens have issued the status of temporary protection in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy. Spain ranked fifth. Conditions of entry, rights, social and financial assistance to Ukrainians in Spain further.

Entry rules

A citizen of Ukraine to arrive in Spain must have a biometric passport. In case of its absence, you must contact the nearest diplomatic institution of Ukraine in the EU and obtain a certificate confirming your identity and citizenship. You need to have an internal passport with you and, if available, a document confirming your residence on the territory of Ukraine until 02/24/2022.

For a child, a birth certificate and appropriate travel permits.

With these documents, a citizen of Ukraine can stay in Spain for up to 90 days.

There are no restrictions on entry into the Kingdom of Spain due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Where to apply for protection?

As in other EU countries, Ukrainians in Spain can apply for temporary protection, which allows refugees to live, work or study in Spain for one year, with an automatic extension of up to 3 years, without the need to apply for asylum.

Temporary protection in Spain provides for the following rights:

• resident card;

• work permit;

• access to social security (accommodation, legal and psychological assistance, social support, language learning, etc.);

• access to health care;

• access to education for children under 18 under the same conditions as citizens of the country;

• Validity of a Ukrainian driving license in Spain for one year.

Documents can be processed at the Reception, Assistance and Coordination Centers (CREADE) located in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Alicante or at police stations. Reception of citizens is carried out by appointment, contact number (+34) 91 047 44 44 (around the clock, in Ukrainian and Spanish).

The decision on registration of the status is made within 24 hours. Submitting a request is free.

After obtaining a residence permit, you must issue a foreigner identification card (TIE) - confirmation of your residence permit for authorities, banking institutions, etc.

Financial aid

Financial assistance to Ukrainians in Spain is 400 euros for an adult and 100 euros for a child. Payment is made within 6 months.

To apply for support, you need to register for an appointment with the Social Security Service (on the website, select the section “Make an appointment for pensions and other benefits (INSS)”) or call 915412530/901106570. More details at the link.


The Spanish government provides refugees from Ukraine with housing, an application can be submitted to one of the centers for helping refugees from Ukraine or the hotline number: +34 91 047 44 44.

More often, Ukrainians are accommodated in hotels, hostels or dormitories, and they are also provided with food. You can live here until the refugees find work and can rent something on their own.

Also, the Spaniards are ready to shelter Ukrainians in their homes, the offers are collected on Prykhystok portal.

You can find housing for long-term rent on the website. Housing prices depend on the size of the city and the location of housing: in big cities such as Barcelona and Madrid are more expensive, in Valencia prices are moderate. Smaller cities like Tarragona or Alicante are much cheaper.

Where to find a job?

Ukrainians who have issued the status of temporary protection in Spain have the right to work. However, working in Spain requires knowledge of the language and certain skills. If they are absent, then you can count on a low salary. However, it is enough to provide yourself with the essentials.

The Employment Bureau will help you find a job. Ukrainians also get access to Spanish language courses, computer literacy courses or employment courses that correspond to their profile.

The UA Talents platform or social networks will also come in handy. In particular, special groups have been created on Facebook: Ukrainians in Spain, Spain for refugees and immigrants, and the like. Many vacancies are collected on the portals: Info Jobs, Milanuncios, Infoempleo.


Ukrainian children in Spain have the same rights to education as citizens of the country. An application for admission to a preschool institution or school can be submitted to the Bureau for Service and Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine.

Also in Spain, a camp was organized for Ukrainian children affected by the war.

Medical services

If you need urgent help, call 112.

To receive medical care, you must register with the medical center. This will require a passport and address of residence. During the validity of your temporary registration, you will be assigned a family doctor and pediatrician for children.

If you have registered and obtained a NIE, you need to formalize a permanent medical card: contact the medical center with a certificate of registration or confirmation of approval of your application and request a document. A health care card obtained in any municipality is valid throughout Spain.

We also advise you to take care of an insurance policy before traveling to Spain, because this is a guarantee of your safety and a relaxing stay outside of Ukraine.

Free travel

The national railway network Renfe has provided free travel in Spain for residents and guests of the country. In particular, tickets for journeys on trains operated by public services of the Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distance networks (equivalent to short and medium distance journeys) will be free throughout 2023.

Also, various autonomous communities have launched their own initiatives that facilitate movement within settlements. More details at the link.

Useful contacts

• Cruz Roja
Red Cross
avenida de Jorge Silvela, 2, 29014 Málaga
phone: + 34 902 22 23 93

Association on migration issues
Office of International Protection
callejón Pericón, 1, bajo, 29008 Málaga
tel. + 34 951 28 28 25

Commission on Assistance to Temporarily Displaced Persons
calle Esperanto, 13, 29007 Málaga
tel. +34 951 56 10 71 (extension 1526/1527)
email mail: [email protected]