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21 Mar. 2022


Where to get a doctor's consultation for free during the war?



Where to get a doctor's consultation for free during the war?

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The Helsi Medical System team has updated the system of online consultations with doctors and made them free for all Ukrainians.

This was reported on the "Helsi for Patients" Facebook page.

From now on, receptions are conducted by doctors of all specialties, both public and private medical institutions. All doctors are registered in the National Electronic Health Care system, their data and qualifications are confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

"All online appointments are absolutely free, even if you seek help from doctors of private medical institutions. A referral to a specialist is not required. An online declaration does not require a signed declaration. You can make an appointment with a doctor, regardless of location," they said. 

All doctors have individual schedules for online admission. You can see the schedule on the page of each doctor.

How to get an online doctor's consultation:

  • follow the link and choose a doctor of the desired specialty;
  • choose a convenient day and time;
  • wait for the selected time.

After the consultation, you can view the details of the reception in the Helsi cabinet