Most popular lowcosters return to Ukraine

Wed, 27 Apr / 02:25

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Most popular lowcosters return to Ukraine

Most popular lowcosters return to Ukraine

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Europe's largest budget airline Ryanair plans to resume flights from Ukraine this fall. The first flights are scheduled for October 30-31. The company expects the first Ryanair aircraft to depart from Boryspil Airport (Kyiv) to Vienna (Austria), Rome, Milan (Bergamo, Italy) and Barcelona (Spain).

There is no information about flights from other cities of Ukraine yet. Flights are scheduled until the end of the year, but it is also possible to book flights for 2023. Earlier, Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary promised that Ryanair would be "the first airline to return to Ukraine" after the Russian invasion, when it is safe.

WizzAir has even resumed ticket sales from Ukraine: airports in Ukraine have reappeared in the booking system. In some European destinations, reservations were opened in July 2022. You can book a ticket from Kyiv to Vienna, Warsaw, Rome, Milan, Vilnius, from Odessa - to Berlin, Rome, Milan and other cities. The nearest date is July 4.