Ukrzaliznytsia appoints new Kyiv-Helm-Kyiv train



Ukrzaliznytsia appoints new Kyiv-Helm-Kyiv train

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Ukrzaliznytsia will schedule a new train on the Kyiv-Chelm-Kyiv route from May 1.

The train №23 / 24 will depart from Kyiv at 22:49 and arrive in Chelm at 11:30. In the opposite direction, the train will depart from May 2 at 16:05 and arrive in Kyiv at 07:29.

For the convenience of passengers at Helm station, a hub connection with Warsaw is organized: passengers arriving in Helm can quickly change to a train to Warsaw, which departs at 13:11 and arrives in Warsaw at 16:11.

A similar route is possible in the opposite direction: from Warsaw the train of the Polish railway departs at 12:18 and arrives in Chelm at 15:31, which gives passengers enough time for a convenient transfer to the train from Chelm to Kyiv.