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29 Jun. 2022


New platform for refugees in need of special medical care abroad has been launched

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New platform for refugees in need of special medical care abroad has been launched

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A new Treatment4Ukraine platform has been launched for Ukrainians who were forced to go to European countries due to the war. It is designed specifically for Ukrainian refugees who have HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, or are on substitution maintenance therapy.

This platform should be the only source of verified and clear information on treatment and care in EU countries.

The website was developed by a team of international health experts with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Center for Public Health. The project is fully funded by the European Union in support of Ukraine during the war.

On the site you can choose the country of residence and get comprehensive information about treatment options in it:

• general information on the legal status and visa requirements for refugees;

• conditions of access to all possible free or paid medical services;

• information on emergency points and medical facilities for long-term treatment;

• services for people living with HIV, hepatitis B, tuberculosis or on substitution maintenance therapy (SMT);

• additional information: translation services, contacts of migration services, etc.

Currently, the site contains the most up-to-date information, which experts will promptly update depending on changes.

If you notice inconsistency or irrelevance of the published information, you can contact the e-mail platform treatment4ukraine @ gfa.