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Rules for transporting animals by rail

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Rules for transporting animals by rail

Rules for transporting animals by rail

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The war forced many Ukrainians to leave their homes and seek refuge in other cities and countries. At the same time, pet owners do not forget about their pets and often transport them by train. Unlike personal transport, for the transportation of animals by rail, there are certain rules that must be observed both for the movement within Ukraine and when taking an animal abroad.

Rules for the transportation of animals by rail

The relevant norms in Ukraine are regulated in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Infrastructure. According to it, in regular trains, except for class "CB" and "M", it is allowed to transport small pets (dogs of small breeds, cats, etc.) in special cages, carriers, or rigid containers. Payment for the transportation of an animal in passenger cars is made according to the tariff for the carriage of goods as for 20 kg. To do this, when buying tickets online, you must take out a baggage receipt.

Carriers with animals can be placed on the places for hand luggage:

- for night trains - under the shelf or on the shelf next to the owner

- for trains with seats - on the hands of the passenger or under the seat

For the transportation of small pets in carriages of the "CB" and "M" type, you need to buy all the unoccupied seats in the compartment.

For dogs of large breeds (above 45 cm at the withers) it is mandatory to have a muzzle and a leash. In regional trains, animals can be transported in the first and last carriages in the outer vestibules under the supervision of the owner. No more than two such animals may be transported in a compartment carriage, subject to the purchase of all unoccupied seats in the compartment.

Passengers of preferential categories (persons with visual impairments, etc.) are an exception and can transport pets in carriages of all categories without additional payment. A prerequisite for this is the presence of a document confirming the benefits, a muzzle and a short leash for keeping the animal.

All persons must have a veterinary passport for the animal and comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements (cleaning up after the pet, calming the animal, etc.).

Rules for transporting animals by rail during evacuation

Under the conditions of the war, Ukrzaliznytsia somewhat relaxed the requirements for transporting animals during evacuation. In particular, in evacuation trains, you do not need to pay for the animal. It is enough to have a veterinary passport, a carrier (for small animals) or a muzzle, leash and collar (for large dogs).

In some cases, conductors can allow animals without documents for evacuation trains.

Tips for traveling with animals

When transporting animals, take care of the comfort for yourself and your pet. Make a supply of water, dry food, take the animal's favorite toy. Do not forget about the documents: have all vaccinations and a test for antibodies to the rabies pathogen done along with a veterinary passport. Check if your pet has a microchip.

On the train, put a leash on the animal, for large dogs - a muzzle. Lay special diapers in the carrier.

Make sure not to let the animal go without a leash, because a pet can run away when stressed. Do not leave animals alone, with children or other adults.