What documents are required to travel abroad by car?

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What documents are required to travel abroad by car?

What documents are required to travel abroad by car?

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When crossing the state border by car, you must have the following documents with you:

• a driver's license that meets international standards

• vehicle registration certificate with personal information duplicated in Latin

• identification mark of Ukraine on a car (UA)

• state license plate on the car. If you have an individual license plate, remember that it is valid only on the territory of Ukraine. You can travel abroad only on state license plates

• a valid international insurance contract "Green Card" (according to Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability of Land Vehicle Owners")

To travel abroad by car, a person who is not the owner of the car must also have one of the following documents:

• power of attorney for the right to drive a car with a note about the permission of the owner to travel abroad

• temporary registration card for the right to drive a car

The presence of a registration certificate for a car for a third party is required.

If you are abroad, a power of attorney for driving a car can be issued at the embassy / consulate of Ukraine or at a notary in the host country (such a power of attorney must be apostilled, translated into Ukrainian and certified by a Ukrainian notary). The presence of the person to whom the power of attorney is issued is not required.

If you have any other questions about crossing the border, we recommend that you consult a personal lawyer.