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Tour dates: September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7

This beautiful tour awaits you. A panoramic view of the castle in Mukachevo, as well as a tour of the city, which has a very cool history. If ancient Uzhhorod is the heart of Transcarpathia, then Mukachevo is its soul. Surrounded by majestic mountains, this is one of the most picturesque cities in Ukraine, which is famous for its unique history. In a seemingly small area, Mukachevo has collected an impressive number of unique monuments of the Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque eras. This is a city of eclectic styles, blends of aromatic wines in cosy streets, extraordinary aura and powerful energy. The town hall is the main decoration of the city. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century. This elegant building is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful town halls in Europe. The city council still works here, and you can see beautiful modern sculptures in its courtyard.


After a wonderful tour of the city of Mukachevo. The extremely cool Kosyno complex is waiting for you. Kosyno is a health resort, where you can swim in thermal waters, a freshwater pool, and have a trip to the sauna.

You will also take a walk through the city of Uzhhorod, which has an interesting history. Archaeological findings on the territory of modern Uzhgorod belong to the Early Paleolithic era (about 100 thousand BC). Throughout its centuries-old history, Uzhgorod had various names - Ungvar, Gungvar, Ongvar, Unguyvar, Ungograd, Gunkbar, Oughgorod, etc., but all of them mean "castle or city on the Uzh River". One of the oldest mentions of the city called Gunkbar dates back to 1154 and is recorded in the work of the Arab geographer-traveler Al-Idrisi's "Book of Roger".


It would seem that everything is obvious about the origin of the city's name: the city stands on the Uzh River, which is why it is called Uzhhorod. However, the reptile does not relate to the name of the river in any way: it is the Old Russian word for uzhyna - "narrow place" (the river is narrow and winding). But some researchers believe that the name of the Uzh River is a modified even older name from the Turkic word "Ung", "ong", and "hung", which means "water, river".

And you will take extremely cool photos in the Mizhhirsky Pass. On the way to Synevyrska Polyana, where one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Carpathian ridges is. Relax, take pictures and enjoy the beauty of the mountains!


The price of the tour does not include:

entrance tickets to tourist attractions, food and tasting

– Mukachevo Castle's entrance fee is 100 UAH for adults.

– Kosyno thermal pool entrance fee is 400-450 UAH

– wine tasting costs 60 UAH, tour without wine consumption costs 30 UAH;

– visiting the cheerful restaurant "Detsa u notarya" costs 5 UAH, children under 120 cm are free of charge;

– Uzhgorod Castle's entrance fee is 100 UAH and 75 UAH for students

– bathing in Lumshory vats costs 140 UAH/person

– cheese tasting costs 75 UAH;

– lake "Synevyr" entrance fee is 30 UAH

– Shypit waterfall entrance fee is 20 UAH.

*Prices may change

*The originality of the text is completely preserved by the author of the tour (tour operator)


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Day 1

Departure from Lviv (08:45) - Mukachevo (panoramic view of the castle, city tour) - Kosyno (3 hours of rest on the territory of the "Kosyno" relaxation and wellness complex, swimming in thermal waters, a freshwater pool, sauna) - Bene (tasting wines from the Paraska brothers - Тhe best winemakers of Transcarpathia) - Borzhava (check-in at 10:00 p.m., dinner, rest).

Day 2

Borzhava (breakfast, departure at 08:30) - Uzhhorod (tour of the city, embankment, castle) - Perechyn (lunch-tasting of Transcarpathian food) - Lumshory (bathing in vats) - Borzhava (dinner, rest).

Day 3

Borzhava (breakfast, departure at 08:00) – Iza (cheese tasting) – Mizhhirsky Pass (view of the Carpathian panoramas, photo session) – Synevyrska Polyana (lunch, walk around Lake Synevyr) – Kelechyn (water collection from a mineral spring. Lviv (arrival approx. at 23:00).

5 reasons to choose a tour


Excursion to Mukachevo


Swimming at the Kosyno health resort


Bathing in vats


You will visit Synevyr glade


A walk in the city of Uzhhorod

Key landmarks



Our holiday in Transcarpathia begins at the thermal pool in Kosyno. So, the first thing we suggest is to swim in "beer", "wine" or "palinka". Each of these exotic options has its pool. And so you don't get confused, the original fountains will serve as a great reference point for you: a mug with beer, a bottle of wine, and a decanter with brandy. Every pool in Kosyno has its own "special effects": an artificial waterfall that falls on you from the "Golden Faucet of Health" suspended in the air at a height of 16 meters, bubbles of a real underwater geyser, special relaxing foot baths and much more. You will explore all the surprises of this amazing place. And don't forget that there are legends about the healing effects of Kosyno thermal waters! You will have 3 hours. By the way, if you get tired of swimming, take a look at the eucalyptus, herbal or Hungarian sauna.



When you first get to Uzhhorod, it seems like a fairy tale and even a toy, with these narrow winding streets, and old houses that are pressed against each other. A walk or excursion in Uzhgorod remains unchanged, it is always a pleasure. No one will be uninterested in the strict, impregnable castle and the extremely beautiful, slightly dreamy embankment with its beautiful linden trees.



It is a well-known balneological resort located in the Perechyn district of the Transcarpathian region. Lumshors residents call this village the capital of bathing in vats because most of them are there! And the tradition of such recreation has been maintained there since ancient times - from the times when Lumshory was a worthy competitor to such a famous resort as Karlovy Vary. All our tourists note that bathing in vats on an open fire is not only an exotic procedure but also very pleasant.



The atmosphere and history of the city attract and fascinates even seasoned travellers. Historians do not say exactly when Mukacheve was founded. It is known that already between the 10th and 11th centuries. the city was one of the most developed in Kyiv Rus. It was during those times that the legendary Palanok castle appeared there, recognized today as one of the most architecturally interesting and well-preserved fortifications Another pearl of Mukachevo is the Rakotsi Palace, well known as the "white house" (so named because of the colour of the facade), built in the 17th-18th centuries. Once there was a residence of Transylvanian princes and Austrian counts, and today it is an art institute.

What is included?

Trasfer along th route

Trasfer along th route



Travel insurance

Travel insurance

From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund!