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Tour for children and adults in the Lviv region for 1 day includes an excursion to the goat farm of Two Catherines, a hike to the Zakhar Berkut (Putishche) mountain in the Carpathians, a visit to the SPA center with a pool and / or vats in the village of Slavske and the Gredlov Palace in Skole.

The climb to Mount Putishche (831m) is easy and very pleasant, those who climb this peak will be enchanted by the extremely picturesque landscape of the Skoliv Beskydy, the luxurious valley of the Opir River, the Zelemyanka, Kondrat and the village of Tukhlya, which will be in front of you like in the palm of your hand.

After a pleasant walk, the farm of two Kateryns invites you to a tour and cheese tasting. Tourists are met by goats, rams, horses, and sheep, and friendly housewives offer to enjoy delicious craft cheeses. The great charm of this atmospheric place is added by the opportunity to touch the animals. Children and adults are especially sensitive to the little goats.

A vacation in Slavsky would not be complete if we did not mention bathing in the vats. It is not only a pleasure for the soul and body but also it heals and cures many diseases. Bathing in vats with hot water, which has a temperature of up to 40 degrees, should be alternated with immersion in a pool with cold water, such a temperature difference has a positive effect on improving immunity, adds vigour and energize you.

Tour dates:

September 17

October 22

November 19
December 24

Not included in the price:

- entrance tickets to tourist attractions,

- meals.

Entrance fees:

– goat farm of two Katerina's (excursion and tasting of 6-7 types of cheeses, tea, wine, milk): entrance fee is 150 UAH. (excursion costs  50 UAH, tasting costs 100 UAH);

- SPA-center in the "Yard of the Prince's Crown" (for 2 hours): entrance fee is 400 UAH and 175 UAH for children (7-14 years old)

- Slavske vats (for 1.5 hours): entrance fee is 195 UAH.

Prices may change.

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian.

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Day 1

Departure from Lviv (08:00) – Skole (Grödle Palace) – Tukhlya (ascent to Mount Putishche "Zakhar", Frank's well and the monument to Zakhar Berkut, excursion and cheese tasting at the goat farm of two Katerynas and lunch) – Slavske (SPA-center in the "Court of the Prince's Crown" or vats) – Lviv (return by 22:30).

5 reasons to choose a tour


Climbing Mount Zakhar


Grödl Palace


Goat farm of two Katerynas


SPA center in the "Courtyard of the Prince's Crown" or vats


Frank's well and the monument to Zakhar Berkut

Key landmarks



Surrounded by high mountains, the picturesque town welcomes guests with a luxurious neo-baroque palace of the Grodl barons (XIX century) and a landscape park of exotic trees, which is decorated with a tulip tree, yew berry, ginkgo Biloba and 5 types of hundred-year-old oaks.



The picturesque Carpathian village of Tukhlya, glorified by Ivan Franko in his novel, invites local historians to inspect the memorial well from which the glorious Mason drank water. You will see the monument of Tuchol warriors led by Zakhar Berkut and climb Mount Zakhar (Putishche), where, according to legend, he was buried. Climbing Mount Putische (831m) is not difficult and very pleasant, those who climb this peak will be enchanted by the extremely picturesque landscape of the Skole Beskids, the luxurious valley of the Opir River, the Zelenemenka and Kondratiy ridges and the village of Tukhlya, at a glance.



It is one of the most ancient and popular resorts of the Carpathians, in addition to the picturesque mountains. It will be interesting because of the SPA-center of the hotel complex "The Yard of the Prince's Crown", where you can swim in the indoor pool, and warm up well in the Finnish sauna and the Roman bath. The guests especially like the beautiful panorama of the Trostyan and Menchev mountains, which is visible from the pool through the glass wall.

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

The tour is conducted in the Ukrainian language. Other languages on request.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund!