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In Zalishchyki, from the observation deck, we will see a unique natural phenomenon called the Dniester meander.

This is a huge horseshoe bend in the river. The bend of the channel in one place is almost 360 degrees.

Visually, it seems that the town of Zalishchyki is located on an island.

Then an incredibly picturesque place awaits us in Podilla, where a unique natural and architectural wonder has been created in the crater of the Juryn River canyon.

There you will find the 16-meter Dzhurynsky waterfall and the picturesque ruins of the palace (XVIII century), to which the red road will lead you.

Let's end our day deliciously at the snail farm.

Not included in the price:

- entrance tickets,

- lunch.

The cost of entrance tickets:

- Tour of the snail farm: adults, children - 20 UAH.

- Snail tasting: portion (6 snails with croutons and a drink) - 180 UAH.

Prices may change.

The tour is conducted in the Ukrainian language.

*The originality of the text is completely preserved by the author of the tour (tour operator)


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Tour program

9:00 - a departure from Chernivtsi in the direction of Zalishchyky, Ternopil region. Excursion to St. John the Theologian Monastery (Khreshchatyk Monastery). Panorama of the city of Zalishchyky from the high right bank of the Dniester river. Dniester canyon.

Moving to the village of Nyrkov. Excursion to the Dzhurinsky waterfall. Inspection of the ruins of the Chervonograd castle and church. Acquaintance with the interesting history of the ancient city.

Moving to the village of Mamaevtsy, near Chernivtsi to the snail farm "Bukovinsky Ravlik". Excursion to the farm. Tasting of snails with croutons and wine is optional.

17:00 - arrival in Chernivtsi.

5 reasons to choose tour


Enjoy the panorama of Zalishchyky


See the beauty of the Dzhurinsky waterfall


Hear the legends of Chervonohrad Castle


Visit the monastery "Khreshchatyk"


Taste snails with croutons and wine

Key landmarks


St. John the Divine Monastery

St. John the Divine Monastery – male Orthodox monastery in Northern Bukovina, which is located in terrestrial temples and caves. This monastery was founded in the 17-th century by Orthodox monks who escaped from the Maniava monastery because of persecution. This place was Holy a long-long time ago. Archaeological excavations were conducted here in the 70’s of last century, indicating the existence of pagan temples here.


Dzhuryn waterfall

Dzhuryn waterfall is the highest waterfall in the flat part of Ukraine (16 m). This is the hydrological nature monument of local importance.The name “Chervonogorodsky” comes from the Chervonohorod city of Magdeburg Law, which was situated here a few centuries ago. This waterfall is located between the villages of Nyrkiv and Ustechko (Ternopil region) on the Dzhuryn River, which flows into the Dnister river. Near the waterfall you will see two high towers, the only remains of a huge fortress of 17-th century. We will take time to explore Chervonogorod fortress ruins and acquaint ourselves with interesting history.


Chervonogorodsky castle

Defensive structures of the disappeared city of Chervonogorod, in the first half of the 19th century, were converted into a palace. The ruins are located near the village of Nyrkov, Zalishchitsky district, Ternopil region, in the "Chervone" tract, on a steep hill in the middle of a deep basin of the Dzhurinka River, which forms an almost closed loop in this place. The wooden castle was built by Russian princes. In 1241, the Mongol-Tatars destroyed it, but there is no mention of this in the ancient Russian chronicles. Before the First World War, the palace had an exquisite Italian-style terrace and a colonnade with 6 stone columns and was surrounded by a large landscaped park with a fountain.

What is included?

Bus transfer

Bus transfer

Tour guide

Tour guide

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