About this tour

On this tour, you will visit fantastic historical cities,  the favorite place of cinematographers - the Khotyn Fortress, and see the beauty of the nature of the Podilsky Tovtry National Nature Park.

Tour dates:  16 September, 14 October, 4, 25 November

1 day

Departure from Kyiv departure at 06:45 (metro station Zhytomyrska)

Arrival in Kamyanets - Podilskyi. The old fortress (XIII-XVIII centuries), the Cathedral of Peter and Paul (XVI century) next to which there is a minaret with a sculpture of Our Lady, the oldest town hall in Ukraine (XV century), a walk through the streets of the medieval city, where you can enjoy the beauty, harmoniously created by nature and man are waiting for you. Dinner.

Free time. Check-in at the hotel at 20:30.

2 day

Breakfast. Optional excursion "Chernivtsi and Khotyn". Departure at  08:00. Arrival in Khotyn, a tour of the impregnable Khotyn fortress (XIII-XX centuries), which still amazes with high 40-meter walls, a 65-meter well and a magnificent panorama of the Dniester. The fortress is recognized as one of the seven historical and architectural wonders of Ukraine now. Free time

Then we head to Chernivtsi. You will have a tour of the former residence of the Bukovinian metropolitans, which now houses the national university. Time for lunch (extra charge)

Continuance of the tour around the central part of the city. Return to Kamyanets - Podilskyi, and check in at the hotel.

3 day

Breakfast. Optional bus excursion to Bakota. Departure at 08:00

Arrive in Bakota, we will have an excursion to the rock monastery, viewing the panoramas of the Podolskie Tovtry National Park. Time for lunch.

Return to Kamyanets - Podilskyi. Departure to Kyiv at 15:00. Arrival in Kyiv approximately at 23:30.

Not included in the price:

additional meal

optional excursions:

- "Chernovtsy and Khotyn" UAH 350*

- bus excursion to Bakota UAH 200* with entrance tickets

entrance tickets:

Khotyn fortress - UAH 70*

– National Park "Podolskie Tovtry" UAH 20*

– Chernivtsi University 60 UAH. *

*Prices may change

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian. Other languages on request.

*The originality of the text is completely preserved by the author of the tour (tour operator)


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5 reasons to choose this tour


Get to know one of the most beautiful cities in the world Kamyanets-Podilskyi


Visit the favourite place of filmmakers - Khotyn Fortress


See the so-called "Ukrainian Babylon" - the city of Chernivtsi


Enjoy the nature of the national natural park "Podilsky Tovtry"


Explore the rock monastery in Bakot

Key landmarks



One of the historical and architectural wonders of Ukraine, a fantastic city that belongs to the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to the picturesque canyon of the Smotrych River and a huge concentration of architectural monuments. Kamianets is the third in terms of the number of attractions in Ukraine.



The impregnable Khotyn fortress (XIII-XX centuries), beloved by tourists and filmmakers, still impresses with its 40-meter high walls, a 65-meter well and a magnificent panorama of the Dniester. The fortress is recognized as one of the seven historical and architectural wonders of Ukraine now.



It is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, this is the so-called "Ukrainian Babylon", in which many peoples and cultures are intertwined. It was once said about him: in Chernivtsi, Sunday began with Schubert and ended with a duel. This is the unspoken capital of Europe, where the best sopranos sang, where the sidewalks were swept with bouquets of roses, and there were more bookstores than cafes. Chernivtsi is a ship that constantly kept its course between West and East.



The bewitching beauty of the nature of the Podolsky Tovtry National Natural Park, on the territory of which Bakota is located, attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists there. The rock monastery was restored by clearing several cells. At the monastery, everyone will be able to drink uniquely clean and healing water from consecrated springs, which are popularly called "Women's", "Men's" and "Family Happiness".

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route





Breakfast at the hotel Lunch on the 1st day

Professional guide

Professional guide

Entry tickets

Entry tickets

Kam'yanets-Podil'ska fortress

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund!