About this tour

Waiting for you:

- incredible New Year's fun;

- acquaintance with the history, customs and culture of Transcarpathia;

- the best dishes of Transcarpathian cuisine;

- the most outstanding historical sights of the region: the historical center and castle of Uzhgorod, Shenborn Palace, Mukachevo Castle, wonderful wooden temples;

- snowy peaks and panoramas of the Carpathians, Shipit waterfall, swimming in a thermal pool;

- tasting of the best vintage wines of Transcarpathia in ancient wine cellars and private owners of the Berehiv district;

- and, of course, fun, snowballs, entertainment and other types of winter euphoria.

Tour dates: December 30

NEW YEAR'S FUN! WARNING! The format of the celebration can be changed, this applies only to music and dancing, information will be known 1-2 weeks before departure.

The New Year celebration consists of three parts.

1. Festive dinner with Hungarian hosts. Menu:

- cold snacks, rolls, chops, cutlets;

- potato salad (similar to Olivier), vinaigrette, pickled cucumbers, pepper, etc.;

- Hungarian broth (with chiga - homemade vermicelli);

- disco-perkelt (pork stewed with red pepper) with two home-made traditional side dishes (nokedli and torgonya);

- sweets;

- wine, brandy, mineral water.

2. Musical and entertainment event:

It starts at 22:30-23:00 in a folk house, where a buffet table is laid with sweets, palinka, wine, mineral water. At 24:00 - meeting of the Ukrainian New Year; at 01:00 a.m. – Transcarpathian New Year meeting.

The folk ensemble "Chetfalvosh" and the pop ensemble "Tysa" entertain guests with a New Year's program, folk songs, dances, and entertainment. Anyone who wants to learn how to dance Chardash.

3. Happy breakfast:

In the New Year, your first breakfast will consist of special lucky dishes that are prepared only for the New Year, and those who try them will be healthy and happy in the New Year. Menu: korgellevsh (homemade sausage, sauerkraut with meat, topped with sour cream and red pepper), cucumber and homemade sausage, cholomad (special New Year's vegetable salad).

The price does NOT include and will be paid additionally:

- entrance tickets to tourist attractions

- dinners


Cost of entrance tickets:

- Shipit waterfall: general, pension, student - 20 hryvnias, student - 10 hryvnias.

- ascent by chairlift to Mount Hymba (both ways): general - 200 hryvnias; children under the age of 14 and ATO participants – 140.

- a visit to the cult restaurant "Detsa u notarya" - UAH 5, children up to 120 cm - free;

- Mukachevo Castle: general - 100 UAH, pension, student - 70 UAH, children under 14 years - 50 UAH;

- new thermal pool "Zhaivoronok" in Beregov (2 hours): adult, pensioner, student - UAH 230, children from 120 to 150 cm - UAH 115, children under 120 cm - free, locker rental - UAH 30. ;

- wine tasting - UAH 80, tour without wine consumption - UAH 40;

- Uzhgorod Castle: general - 100 UAH, pension - 75 UAH, student - 70 UAH, student - 40 UAH.

*The tour is conducted in Ukrainian

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Day 1

Departure from Lviv (09:00) / from Stryi (10:00) – Pylypets (view of Shipit waterfall, lunch, ascent by chairlift to Mount Hymba) – Iza (purchase of vine products) – Berehivskyi district -n (accommodation in rural tourism estates; dinner).

Day 2

Breakfast and departure (08:00) – Uzhgorod (tour of the city and castle, lunch) – Beregovo (swimming in the thermal pool or a walk around the city) – Beregovo volcanic lowlands (wine tasting) – Beregovo district (New Year's Fun).

Day 3

Late breakfast and departure (11:00) – Mukachevo (excursion to the castle and lunch) – Stryi (return at 20:30) / Lviv (return at 21:30).

5 reasons to choose a tour


Pylypets - view of Shipit waterfall


Ascent by chairlift to Mount Hymba


Uzhgorod - tour of the city and castle


New Year's Fun


Beregovo - swimming in the thermal pool

Key landmarks



Here, from a height of 15 meters, one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Ukraine - Shipit waterfall - pours water into a picturesque mountain valley in many mesmerizing cascades between rocks. It originates from a large underground spring, i.e. the "eye of the sea", in one of the most beautiful places of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Borzhava valley. Staying here is a wonderful break from civilization and gives new vitality.



The capital of wickerwork in Ukraine, passing through the village you can buy a variety of souvenirs made of vines, from simple utilitarian items to real works of art.



The first mention of this eternal border town on the Uzh River dates back to 872, it will charm even the most demanding tourist with its charm and color. Take a walk along the historic street of the city - Korzo, be sure to visit the most famous church of the city, the Cathedral of the Ascension of the Holy Cross (1841), the Roman Catholic Church of St. George (1775), see one of the oldest castles in Ukraine (14th century), the Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (skansen) and be sure to visit the cult inn "Children of the Notary".



The capital of Hungarian Ukraine - "Beregsas" is famous for its pools with unique thermal water, which rises from a depth of 1600 m and cures 86 diseases, its analogues are found only in New Zealand. The town also has several pearls of architecture: the Gothic Church of All Saints (1370), the Church of the Reformers (15th century), the "Grafsky Dvor" - the estate of Prince Bethleni (1629), the majestic building of the Imperial Court (1908) and the Golden Peacock casino".



Here on a lonely volcanic mountain is the most powerful fortress in Ukraine - Palanok Castle (XIV century), which was built by Prince Fedir Koryatovych, and the heroic glory of Princess Ilona Zrini. If you have free time in Mukachevo, you can also explore a lot of interesting things: the chapel of St. Martyna (XIV century), Rakotsi Palace (1663) and the beautiful green town hall (1903).

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

Travel insurance

Travel insurance



Breakfast on the 2nd day, breakfast and lunch on the 3rd day



Dinner on the 1st day

New Year's entertainment

New Year's entertainment

Program, food, drinks, including alcoholic beverages



Cozy homesteads of green tourism of the Berehiv district, rooms: 2-3-bed with benefits on the corridor

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.