About this tour

In this tour, you are waiting for: 4 tastings, 4 thermal baths, castles, cable car, waterfalls, rock fortress, picturesque mountains, ancient temples, and new tourist highlights.

Day 1: Lviv - Chynadiyevo - Kosino

Departure from Lviv at 09:00. Arrival in Chinadievo, a small town with a rich history, beautiful nature and two ancient castles. You will have a tour of the castle of Saint - Miklos.

Transfer to Mukachevo, lunch (for an additional fee). Then we go to Kosyno, where you can swim in the thermal pool

Free time. Overnight stay in rural green tourism homesteads, check-in at 20:30.

Day 2: Velyatino - Khust - Beregovo volcanic low mountains

Breakfast and departure at 08:00 to Velyatyn village with thermal warm waters (swimming in the thermal pool)

Transfer to Khust. You will explore the city, visit a hat factory, and stop by an ostrich farm. Lunch (for an additional fee) Then we head to the Beregovo volcanic lowlands, where you will have a wine tasting. Return to the homestead at 20:30, dinner (extra charge)

Day 3: Mukachevo - Nevitske - Perechyn - Vyshka

Breakfast and departure at 08:00 to Mukachevo (a tour of the central part of the city or the castle), transfer to the village of Barvinok (swimming in the thermal pool of the Golden Mountain thermal complex). Then you will see the Nevitsky castle. Lunch (for an additional fee) Transfer to Perechyn (for an additional fee, dinner-tasting of 15 authentic Transcarpathian dishes with funny horns). We leave for Vyshka and check into a hotel at 19:30.

Day 4: Tower - Lumshory - Voevodino - Perechyn

Breakfast and departure at 08:00. You will go up the chairlift to Mount Krasyia. Further transfer to Lumshory, where bathing in vats awaits you.

We are heading to Turin Remety for lunch (for an additional fee). After lunch, you can take a walk in Voevodyno park.

Then we go to Perechyna, where you will visit the Perechyn Manufactory cheese factory (cheese tasting). We will go to the village of Kostryna, where you will see the wooden church of St. Veils (1645).

Return to Vyshka to the hotel, dinner (for an additional fee).

Day 5: Uzhok - Matkov - Korostov - Kamenka - Urich - Lviv

Breakfast and departure at 08:00. First we will visit the Uzhok balneological resort (overview of the church and SPA complex).

Then we will head to the village of Matkov, where we will visit the Church of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Theotokos (1838), which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then we will go to Korostevo for lunch (for an additional fee). After lunch, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a 7-meter waterfall in the village of Kamenka.

Transfer to Urich, where you will visit the museum and the rock fortress. Return to Lviv at 22:30.

The price does not include:

Entrance tickets to tourist attractions:

- "St. Miklos" castle: voluntary donation;

- Schönborn park on weekends and holidays UAH 75*, weekdays - free.

- Museum "History of Tustan": general - UAH 60*

- chairlift to Bukovytsia Mountain - UAH 100,

- ostrich farm in Khust: UAH 30,

- thermal pool in Velyatino (2 hours) – UAH 200*

- "Kosino" thermal pool: general - UAH 450*

- "Zolota Gora" thermal pool (2 hours): general - UAH 250*

- bathing in tanks with mineral water: general - UAH 140*

- procedures in "Uzhan Baths" - UAH 180*

Tastings: jams and sausages in Botara - UAH 130/person*

-wine - UAH 60*, excursion without wine consumption - UAH 30*

- snails with two sauces and wine: – UAH 150*, excursion without tasting – UAH 30*

- authentic Transcarpathian dishes - UAH 200*

- cheeses at "Perechynsk Manufactory" - UAH 100*


-breakfast from UAH 60*.

- lunch from UAH 110*

-dinner from UAH 110*

- entertainment program Boykivska zabava without dinner 120 hryvnias/person*, with dinner 230 hryvnias. /person*

Prices may change.

The tour is conducted in Ukrainian. Other languages ​​on request.

*The originality of the text is completely preserved by the author of the tour (tour operator)


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5 reasons to choose this tour


To relax in the modern complex "Thermal waters of Kosyno"


To taste the wine of the Beregivske volcanic lowlands


To taste the most interesting Transcarpathian dishes


To visit the church of St. Michael (1745), a UNESCO World Heritage Site


To admire the Kamenets cascade of waterfalls 7 meters high

Key landmarks



The modern complex "Thermal waters of Kosyno" is located in an oak grove, and has 5 pools, and 7 saunas, and the average temperature in the thermal pools is +41 °C. The pride of the complex is the largest jacuzzi fountains in Ukraine with coffee, wine, beer, a pallet and the fountain-illusion of the Golden Health Faucet, 15.5 meters high.



The capital of Carpathians is located at the crossroads of the rivers Tisza and Reka. The picturesque ruins of the impregnable and once insurmountable Khust Castle (XI-XVI centuries) rise above the city. Not far from the centre of Khust there is an ostrich farm in which these most modern birds of the world live. All fashionistas always dream of going to the Khust factory of felt hats Khust-filz, because here is one of the largest assortment of hats in Europe.


Beregovo volcanic low mountains

The surroundings of Berehove have long been famous all over the world for their wines, which have a magnificent aroma and richness of taste properties. This is due to the volcanic rocks on which grapes grow, and the energy of the sun, because it is here that there are mostly sunny days in Transcarpathia.



In the middle of the forest above the picturesque river valley, the ruins of the once glorious Nevitsky castle (XIV century), which, according to legend, served as a shelter for women and girls, are already rising. Until now, it amazes with its grandeur and size.



Among the picturesque Poloninian Carpathians is the resort "Krasyia". To see the magical landscapes of mountain ranges and peaks and the untouched Carpathian nature, you can climb the chairlift to Mount Krasiya (1036m)



At the foot of the Polonsky Range of the Ukrainian Carpathians, there is a balneological resort Lumshory, known since the 17th century. You will be simmered in mineral hydrogen sulfide water in huge metal vats, alternating with bathing in cold water. Such a vacation, in addition to unforgettable impressions, leads to the improvement of the musculoskeletal system.


Resort "Voevodyno"

One of the most beautiful parks in Transcarpathia perfectly combined the amazing beauty of the Carpathians and sophisticated park art. Guests of the park are fascinated by the expanse of the lake against the backdrop of mountains, the four evangelists and the Celtic garden with the Druid calendar. The park is extremely beautiful in all seasons, and a walk along its alleys calms and gives vitality.



This Carpathian village is home to one of the best wooden temples in the world, a masterpiece of Boiko sacred architecture - the Church of the Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God (1838), which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route



Professional guide

Professional guide

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund!