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Sokoliv Stone, Rozluch resort, Isai, Turku turquoise quarry, bridges and the center of Turka, picturesque landscapes of Boykivshchyna


Tour dates: October 22, November 19


Technical information about the pedestrian crossings to the Spassky Stone and Turkovsky Quarry:

1. The length of the route from the center of the village of Spas to Sokolyny Kamny is about 4 km in both directions, the height difference is 150 meters. Climbing the mountain lasts approximately 40 minutes, descent approximately 30 minutes.

2. The length of the route from the center of Turka to the quarry is approximately 3 km in both directions, the height difference is 90 meters. The ascent to the quarry takes approximately 20 minutes, the descent approximately 15 minutes.

3. The ascent to the Spassky Stone and Turkovsky Quarry is not difficult, so it is suitable for all physically fit people, especially beginners, families with children and the elderly.

4. Participation in hiking does not require prior training or experience. 4. It is categorically forbidden to drink alcohol when going up and down.

5. Pedestrian routes are not mandatory, those who do not want to participate in them can walk along part of the routes or through the village of Spas or the town of Turka.

6. For pedestrian crossings, please take comfortable shoes and clothes.


The price does NOT include: entrance tickets to tourist facilities and meals.


The cost of entrance tickets:

- Museum "Boykovshchyna" in Turka: voluntary donation.

Meals: lunch takes place in a restaurant in the village of Rozluch. Cost: 120/UAH person.

*The tour is conducted in Ukrainian

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Departure from Lviv (08:00) – Spas (pedestrian crossing to Sokoliv Stone) – Rozluch (mineral water tasting, church and dinner) – Turka (city center, “Boykovshchyna” museum and turquoise quarry) – Isaiah (church) – Lviv (return at 21:30).

5 reasons to choose tour


Pedestrian transition to the Turku quarry


Pedestrian crossing to Spassky Kamin


Mineral water tasting


City center, “Boykovshchyna” museum


Turquoise quarry

Key landmarks



Spas - Sokolov stone. An outstanding place, which for its beauty and strategic importance, was chosen by the King of Russia Lev Danylovych as a favorite place of rest and construction of a castle on the mountain. A cathedral and a monastery were built in the village, of which only the escarpment remains. The greatest decoration of Spas is now a geological attraction of nature - the rock "Sokolov Kamen" (other names are "Spassky Kamen" or even "Devil's Kamen"), which is located on a low mountain in the middle of the picturesque spruce-beech Carpathians. These are three stone remnants of the Yamna sandstone, rising above the trees and from afar resembling the ruins of a castle, the tallest of which is 25 meters tall.



The famous balneologist resort meets the saved from oblivion, rare in Ukraine wooden church of St. Francisca (1901) and a source of healing soda mineral water.



This picturesque Carpathian town, apart from its natural beauty, is unique in that it has 29 different bridges. In Turke, you can also visit the Church of the Assumption (XVIII century), a synagogue (XIX century) and the "Boykovshchyna" museum, which has a good collection of items from the folk life of the Ukrainian highlanders - Boykov. To see the beautiful views of Turku and see the turquoise water among the rocky Carpathian Mountains, you should go up to the Turku quarry, located under the Kycheroi mountain. Once upon a time, stone was mined here, but now they enjoy beautiful panoramas and a blue lake.



Admirers of antiquity will be interested in one of the most beautiful and oldest wooden churches of St. Michael (1663) with bell towers (1722).

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.