About this tour

The first meeting with the city is like a first date. It will be remembered for the rest of her life.

And if this is Vinnytsia city, the desire of its guests to see everything at once is quite understandable. Is it possible in our city? 

Tour dates: Saturday, Sunday from June 11, 2022 to December 22, 2022.

During the 2-hour bus sightseeing tour of the city, you will:

- Get acquainted with the history of the founding of the city, its development over many centuries and the successful present, and be sure to find out when Vinnytsia was the capital of Ukraine three times, and why it is now considered the most comfortable city in Ukraine;

- You will drive through avenues - M. Kotsyubynskyi, Yunosty, streets - M. Pirogov, Zodchikh, Koriatovych, Keletskaya and Khmelnytskyi highway;

- Take a walk along Soborna Street;

- You will be able to enjoy the amazing beauty of the buildings.

We invite you to a sightseeing bus tour, during which you will see the main attractions of Vinnytsia, its highlights and "iconic" places.

*The description of the tour (excursion) belongs entirely to the author of the tour (tour operator)

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5 reasons to choose tour


A sightseeing tour of Vinnytsia reveals several topics to city guests at once - "Ancient Vinnytsia", "City of the Middle Ages", "Vinnytsia in the 19th-20th centuries", "Vinnytsia during the First and Second World Wars", "Soviet times", "Streets of the city" , "Districts of Vinnytsia", "Parks of the city", "Personalities who made the city famous", "Modern development of the city".


The excursion covers various objects: historical, cultural, enterprises, natural objects. They are united by the fact that through them there is an introduction to the city as a whole.


You will see that Vinnytsia has its own flavor and its own special atmosphere.


See the architectural charms of the city.


Get to know the city, which today is modern and youthful, traditional and innovative, calm and always in search.

Key landmarks


Castle Hill


St. Nicholas Church

The oldest wooden building in the city


Jesuit, Dominican, Capuchin monasteries


Hotels: "Savoy, France, Imperial, Europe, Francois"


Masonry buildings


Fountain "Solar System"


National Museum of M. I. Pirogov

Outstanding Surgeon, Anatomist and Teacher, Founder of Military Field Surgery


Literary and Memorial Museum of M.M. Kotsyubynskyi

What is included?

Transfer along the route

Transfer along the route

Professional guide

Professional guide

The tour is conducted in the Ukrainian language. Other languages on request.

*From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund. All profits from press tours are transferred to the reconstruction of Ukraine.