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The exquisite buildings of the architect Artynov still impress the guests of the city with their beauty today, definitely make an unforgettable impression on them and you will see it!

Tour dates: daily from June 17, 2022 to December 22, 2022.

Until recently, despite all the merits to the city, the surname Artynov was little known to Vinnytsia residents. During the time of Soviet power, only his architect colleagues knew about him. Now Hryhoriy Hryhorovich Artynov is rightly considered to be a man "who made the face of the city."

From 1900 to 1919, Hryhoriy Artynov worked in Vinnytsia as the city's chief architect. His hands touched the construction of water supply, sewerage, lighting, tram line, telephone, and landscaping. All the new public buildings of the city, durable bridges, new churches, profitable houses, cinemas, photo salons and numerous mansions, new streets, squares and boulevards, as well as the factories of the city were built according to the projects of Hryhoriy Hryhorovych - more than 100 different objects in total. They determined the development of Vinnytsia as a European city of the "Silver Age" and still decorate our city.

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Taking a walk through Vinnytsia at a different time, you will be able to feel the spirit of the 20th century


More than 100 years ago, the county town in Podilla turned into a modern city with developed infrastructure and new architectural buildings


Get acquainted with the creative path of the first architect - Hryhoriy Artynov


Thanks to Hryhoriy Artynov, today it is possible to admire the beautiful architectural masterpieces of Vinnytsia


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Key landmarks


District court


City council


City library


Women's gymnasium


City theatre


Water tower


Buildings of Maryanchyk, Reicher, Vilinsky



"Fransua", "Savoy", "Europa", "Bel-Vue"

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Professional guide

Professional guide

The tour is conducted in the Ukrainian language. Other languages on request.

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