About this tour

This is an exciting trip to the confluence of the Prut and Dniester on the Bukovyna side. You will be able to see the geological monument "Shyshkovi Gorby", climb the strange Dniester rocks and enjoy the incredible views.

We offer you a water ride along the Dniester to Bakot Bay, this is relaxation for the soul and body. We will visit the Halytsky cave monastery, founded, like the Bakot monastery, by St. Anthony of the Caves. There is an accumulation of chapels, small churches and cells on the Dniester steeps, and Mediterranean views open from the terrace above the monastery.

Not included in the price:

- entrance tickets,

- food.

The cost of entrance tickets:

- Bakota cave monastery: adults - 35 UAH, student - 20 UAH, children - 15 UAH.

Prices may change.

The tour is conducted in the Ukrainian language.

*The originality of the text is completely preserved from the author of the tour (tour operator).

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Tour program

8.00 – departure from Chernivtsi to Dnistrivka village, Kelmentsi district, Chernivtsi region.

10.00 - 13.30 - sail on yacht down Dniester river with a stop for visiting Bakota cave monastery on the rock. Enjoy the magnificent views over Dniester canyon. Exciting story about the history of an ancient town of Bakota, which territory is now under the waters of Dnister river, cave monatery, construction of Dniester Hydro-power station and its results. Observe the panorama of Dniester river from the top of White mountain. Outdoor lunch break. Transfer to Nagoryany village. Excursion to "Cone Hills". Observe the picturesque views of Dniester river.

17.00 - departure to Chernivtsi.

19.00 - arrival to Chernivtsi.

5 reasons to choose tour


See the greatness of Bukovina


Relax on a yacht


To enjoy the landscapes of the Dniester


Visit the rock monastery


Have fun

Key landmarks



The first metion about this town is found in chronicles of year 1240. Cave mens monastery was mentioned for the first time in "Kyiv Book" of 1362, as "existing from the ancient times". The foundator of the monastery was the reverend old man Antoniy (foundator of Kyiv Cave mens monastery). By the Hypatian Codex, 1255 the town was conquered by tatars. Monks and civilians have hidden in the labirynths of the caves of the monastery. The invaders offered to surrender and to give up their faith, but failed in their negotiations. Tatars have blocked the exit from the caves with large stones, burrying people to live in the caves in that way. 1258 tatars destroyed the castle in Bakota. The name "Bakota" marks today the bank of Dniester river near the remnants of the monastery.


Cone Hills

"The Cone Hills" is a natural landmark in Nagoryany village, Kelmetsi district. It is actually a chain of cone-looking rocks 15-20 m. high, which raise over the high right bank of Dniester river. This wonder was created millions of years ago, in the period, when this territory was covered with waters of the warm pre-historic "Sarmathian sea". These hills are the remnants of an ancient Barrier Reef, which was at the sea's bottom.

What is included?

Bus transfer

Bus transfer

Tour guide

Tour guide

Yacht trip

Yacht trip

From each purchased tour, we transfer 10% to the Ukrainian Refugee Support Fund!