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04 Mär. 2022


Current situation at Zaporizhia NPP



Current situation at Zaporizhia NPP

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After night shelling of the Zaporizhya nuclear power plant and the breakthrough of Russian fascists close to nuclear reactors, Ukrainian firefighters managed to get to the fire and extinguish it on the morning of March 4. Currently, the site of the power plant is under the control of the occupiers. The staff continues to work at gunpoints. There is no full connection with the NPP.

On the territory of Zaporizhya power plant, which is the largest in Europe, there are 6 reactors with nuclear fuel, as well as a significant amount of spent fuel. If a shell hits one of the shelters and explodes, there will be a nuclear disaster.

The condition of power units and ensuring their operation is monitored by operational personnel. No radiation background is exceeded.

Losses of the Ukrainian military after the night assault on the Zaporizhya NPP: 3 dead, 2 wounded, including 1 in critical condition. There are no casualties among the power plant staff. The heroic defenders of the station neutralized one enemy tank with the entire crew.

Earlier, in his nightly emergency address, the President of Ukraine noted that the shelling of the nuclear power plant took place from a tank equipped with thermal imagers - the enemy knew where to shoot and did it purposefully towards the station.