Social care for Ukrainians during the war



Social care for Ukrainians during the war

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During the war, the state takes maximum care of its citizens. Below is a selection of social assistance options that certain categories of Ukrainians can receive:

💸 "Fighting" UAH 100,000 will be paid to defenders who are being treated for their injuries.👉 

💸Full-time students will receive a survivor's pension without a certificate from the educational institution.👉 

💸A simplified mechanism for providing social assistance to Ukrainians in martial law has been developed.👉 

💸 Pension Fund of Ukraine on certain changes in the legislation on pension payments.👉 

💸 Government-UN Partnership Program to Support Displaced Persons: Payments have started.👉 

💸Almost UAH 78.1 billion is spent on social benefits during the three months of 2022 under martial law.👉 

💸 The National Service of Health of Ukraine: During the war, it is important not to forget about mental health! A referral to a psychiatrist is not required, and the visit is paid for by the agency.👉 

💸 Features of registration of the unemployed and receiving assistance during martial law.👉 

💸 The development of the online platform eHelp is going on. 👉 

💸 New mechanisms for supporting IDPs have been launched.👉 

💸 The peculiarities of payment and delivery of pensions, cash benefits for the period of martial law have been clarified.👉 

💸 The Ministry of Social Policy together with UNICEF is implementing a program of financial assistance to vulnerable families with children. 👉 

💸 Internally displaced persons will receive additional financial assistance.👉