Ukrainian substitutes for Russian services for work



Ukrainian substitutes for Russian services for work

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During the war, many Ukrainians sought to support the domestic technology sector. Some may face problems using Russian services. Here is a selection of Ukrainian analogues to Russian services for work:

🔵 Popular Taplink can be replaced by Ukrainian, tariffs are nice, or Clixby

🟡  An alternative to SMM-analytics Livedune - Ukrainian

🔵 Services for mailing Mindbox, SendSay, Unisender - SendPulseFolderlySnovioeSputnikreply.iosendios.

🟡  AmoCRM and Bitrix24 CRM systems used to be very popular, now you can move everything here: OneBox, NetHunt, IT-Enterprise, SalesDrive, KeepinCRM, Asteril CRM, Corezoid, Perfectum, KeyCRM, CleverBOX: CRM

🔵 Alternatives to the popular 1C:, A few more alternatives: Bimp, Quincefin, Bookkeeper, IT-Enterprise, A2v10, Fintellect, Torgsoft, Ukrsklad, Dilovod, MASTER: Accounting, FIT-budget, SMARTFIN, GMS Office Tools, Happy Book.