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16 Apr. 2022


Moldova: employment for Ukrainian refugees

Für Flüchtlinge


Moldova: employment for Ukrainian refugees

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Despite the fact that Moldova is not yet a member of the European Union and the general directive on the treatment of our refugees does not oblige it to act at all, this country, which welcomes Ukrainians, has also undergone many relaxations in terms of adaptation. Including in employment.

Next, we will tell you how the process of finding a job is easier for the citizens of Ukraine, what documents will be useful to you, and where to turn for help?

Language is the first step to assimilation

Although at least quite a few people in Moldova understand Russian, knowing Romanian here will greatly facilitate your socialization and improve your chances of employment. Here are some free courses for our refugees:

International Center for Training and Professional Development - personal presence

Grammar School (online)

Nikita Stenescu Romanian Language House

Video tutorials


You do not need a temporary residence permit to get a job in Moldova - just any identity card. Unlike other European countries, here it has historically been the case that the presence of Latin in it is not fundamental - Russian, and hence Ukrainian are quite legitimate languages. However, please note that the employer must notify you of the hiring within 5 days of ANOFM, providing copies of your identity card, contract and IDNP - personal digital code received by citizens of Ukraine when crossing the border or after contacting the multifunctional centers of the Civil Service Agency. The latter can be ordered on the website.

Of course, the more you manage to take out of the house documents proving your profession, education and qualifications (diplomas, recommendations from previous jobs, certificates, etc.), the better. In addition, in most cases you will need a resume. Tips for writing it. TemplateHere you can fill it out online and save it for yourself or print it out.

In Moldova, all professions are divided into regulated and unregulated (whether or not they need recognition - specify in ANOFM). If your specialty is to be legalized, it is done at the Center for Information and Communication Technologies in Education.

Moldovan labor market

The average salary in this country at the beginning of the year was 422 euros (9,044 Moldovan lei). The notion of the minimum also works here - from January 1, 2022 it is equal to 3,100 Moldovan lei (125 euros). To understand whether, for example, a minimum wage will be enough, it is worth quoting the average cost of renting a 1-room apartment (Chisinau) - 65 euros.

Interestingly, the greatest need of the Moldovan economy is currently for light industry workers, including seamstresses and cutters. Demand for trade workers, installation engineers and handymen is not subsiding. As there are no problems with language and recognition of qualifications, it will be easy for doctors to get a job. Also among the most common vacancies are IT specialists, restaurant workers.

Job search

Professional integration into Moldovan society should begin with an application to the National Employment Agency (ANOPM). Addresses of territorial centers: Hotline: 0 8000 1000. There you will fill out a questionnaire and a declaration of responsibility for compliance, you will be registered and will start working with you. Or you can do it online at, if you have already issued an electronic signature at After submitting the application online, you must come to the territorial body of ANOFM in person within two weeks, otherwise it will be canceled. Take with you an identity card or a certificate from the asylum center, everything you have about qualifications, training and work experience. Agency services:

• information on the labor market,

• career guidance,

• employment assistance and mediation between the applicant and the employer.

Special offer from the International Center for Training and Professional Development for employment courses.

Independent job search is also possible. Here are some resources for now:

• Cross-national platforms for Ukrainian refugees: 

Online work:  and .

• Labor exchanges of Moldova: 

And here is an aggregator of sites with vacancies:

• Personal offers:

Work for dentists / dental technicians / assistants -,

IT sector:,

Pharmacists, pharmacists, pharmacy workers -

Work in the online school for Ukrainian children - Ukrainian teachers (on a charitable basis): fill out the questionnaire (, initiative from .

Useful links and contacts:

Legal Center of Lawyers in Moldova: +373 60574848, +373 60966760, +373 60238927, +373 79586779.

Coworking resources (Chisinau) - office jobs, internet, office equipment: and .