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03 Sep. 2022


5 signs to recognize Ukrainians in Poland

Für Flüchtlinge


5 signs to recognize Ukrainians in Poland

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Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, Ukrainians began to leave the country en masse. Recently, the number of Ukrainians who left for Poland exceeded 5 million people. Poles shared their impressions on how to quickly recognize Ukrainians in a crowd. Their observations turned out to be pleasant and funny.

1. Beauty

According to Poles, Ukrainian women are much prettier than Polish women. They are convinced that the beauty of our women is internal, innate and not at all artificial.

"Sometimes I see a very beautiful woman on the street - I take a look, and then I'm not even surprised when I find out that she's from Ukraine," - the Polish women say.

2. Grooming

Poles are quite surprised by the desire of our women to take care of themselves at any age.

"Women do eyebrow correction and have excellent manicures and pedicures. Well, it must be said that Ukrainian women in the field of cosmetology are very good specialists. For example, I am a client of a beauty salon, where the owner and all the staff are from Ukraine. They do such high-quality work cosmetic procedures that no Polish woman can do! I am very happy that such nice and professional women have come to our country," - commented a resident of Poland on the appearance of Ukrainian beauties.

3. Old packages

According to the observations of Poles, it is quite easy to recognize people from Ukraine by one unusual object. Most Ukrainians carry with them... old packages! Yes, we like to use them for trips to the grocery store.

Unlike us, Poles walk around with backpacks, bags, and shopping bags. And for some reason, Ukrainians often wear such old polyethylene balls.

4. Loud conversations on the phone

Poles say that it is easy to recognize Ukrainians in a store when they choose a product. They say that we are characterized by thoughts and long hesitations regarding the choice of this or that product. Did you recognize yourself?

And we also like to talk loudly on the phone! Especially on the street.

5. Literary Polish

Ukrainians who speak Polish communicate more literary than Poles in everyday life, Ukrainians use less slang and abbreviations. Poles immediately notice that Ukrainians drag out the endings of words, as if they were singing.

Indeed, it is not for nothing that our native Ukrainian language is called nightingale! Poles, on the other hand, cut off the endings of words and pronounce them firmly. And often they also shorten expressions.