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23 Okt. 2022


The heating can be turned off for several days or weeks: will Kyiv really remain without heat in winter



The heating can be turned off for several days or weeks: will Kyiv really remain without heat in winter

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We create materials and work 24/7 thanks to your support

After a series of large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine's critical infrastructure (in particular, energy supply systems), there remains the possibility of periodic lack of heating and power supply in the capital in winter. Currently, electricity has become almost the scarcest product. This was reported by the Deputy Mayor of Kyiv Petro Panteleev in an interview.

He explained that the affected energy facilities are constantly subject to new destruction. Therefore, the authorities are preparing for all possible scenarios in order to minimize the negative impact. One of the options for solving the problem will be the purchase of mobile boiler houses that will be able to provide heat to hospitals, maternity homes and other important institutions.

The biggest danger is that in the absence of electricity, many consumers may be left without heating.

In Ukraine, some apartment buildings and private buildings do not have central heating. Heating is provided by an individual gas boiler, which also works only on electricity. Therefore, in the absence of an opportunity to heat the house with firewood, such consumers become the most affected by the aggressor's actions on the critical infrastructure of our state.

What to do in case of power outage?

The authorities recommend buying warm clothes, blankets, power banks for gadgets in advance and be ready to save electricity.

Attention! You should not rely on electric heaters as a substitute for central heating. The power system may not be able to withstand the load, which will lead to even greater outages.

We talked about what to stock up on in case of a power outage earlier on the link.

Citizens who have the opportunity to stay in houses with a wood-burning stove should stock up on firewood for the whole winter today.

Earlier, we wrote that the state-owned online store "DrovaE" started working in Ukraine. Read about how to buy wood for yourself or loved ones with home delivery here.

What is the temperature in the homes of Kyiv residents, promised by the authorities?

The Kyiv city administration noted that the temperature in the homes of Kyiv residents will still be close to 18 degrees, as it was last winter.

"The fact is that the city's centralized heat supply system is designed and constructed in such a way that it cannot provide less than certain indicators. I think the temperature will be somewhere around 18 degrees", - Panteleev stressed.

According to him, the parameters are currently being set when the heat is started. Accordingly, heat is supplied to cold houses, and the temperature in the so-called return pipeline is much lower than the standard one. Everything will stabilize somewhere in two weeks, not earlier. The system will work roughly the same as last year.

As you know, on Friday, October 20, the heating season began in the capital, according to the technological schedule, buildings will begin to be connected to the heat supply system.