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08 Nov. 2022


Kyiv returns paid parking: where and how much you will have to pay



Kyiv returns paid parking: where and how much you will have to pay

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More useful news in our Telegram channel

In the capital of Ukraine, a few months later, they again returned the payment for parking cars in municipal parking lots. Prices, as before, will depend on which zone you decide to leave your car in. However, parking rates have increased.

So, parking will be paid only on weekdays - from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 22:00. During other hours, as well as around the clock on weekends, parking will be free.

Click here for an interactive parking map.

What will be the cost per hour in different parking zones?

• I zone - UAH 35;

• ІІ zone – UAH 25;

• ІІІ zone – UAH 5.

Also, drivers have the opportunity to purchase a day pass for parking a car from 08:00 to 22:00.

The prices for such a service within the parking zones will be as follows:

• I-III – UAH 390;

• I-II - UAH 350 ;

• ІІ-ІІІ – UAH 250;

• ІІІ – UAH 50.

In addition, it is possible to purchase a monthly parking pass, which will be valid from the first to the last day of the calendar month.

The cost also depends on the zones you choose:

• I-III - UAH 5733;

• I-II - UAH 5145;

• ІІ-ІІІ – UAH 2940;

• ІІІ – UAH 882.

Parking at specially equipped intercepting areas will depend on the parking time:

• up to an hour inclusive - UAH 5;

• up to 2 hours inclusive – UAH 10;

• up to 12 hours inclusive - UAH 11;

• up to 13 hours inclusive - UAH 16;

• up to 2 pm inclusive - UAH 21;

• per day - UAH 22.

How to find parking and where to pay for it?

You can find free parking spaces and pay for parking in the Kyiv Digital app (for Android and iOS) in the "Hourly parking" section. The possibility to purchase monthly parking passes will also appear in the app soon.

In addition, you can pay for parking in the "Privat 24", Easy Pay applications, as well as using the sites and

Recall! The Kyiv Digital application received an English version and became available to foreigners. Read about the changes that have appeared in Kyiv Digital here.

Photo: KCSA