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10 Nov. 2022


Free courses from Genius for Ukrainians: how to get



Free courses from Genius for Ukrainians: how to get

More useful news in our Telegram channel
More useful news in our Telegram channel

The Genius platform opened free access to more than 25 educational programs - modern specialties for Ukrainian men and women.

The platform has made all its courses available to those who want:

- quickly learn new professions;

- to rebuild a career;

- work for Western companies;

- freelance around the world.

"Those who can earn at least somehow, are obliged to do so: to support jobs, pay taxes and transfer funds to support our defenders. We are sure that our training programs will be able to help thousands (or even tens of thousands) quickly master the professions and start working, even if your previous work is currently suspended. Therefore, we open access to dozens of professional programs absolutely free of charge", - the founders of Genius Oles Timofeev and Oleksandr Ryabikin tell.

Among the free programs, you can find and master such specialties as:

• SMM specialist;

• Integrated Internet marketing;

• HR manager;

• WEB designer;

• PRO copywriting;

• Practical course of creating chatbots;

• Tik-Tok for entrepreneurs.

How to get free access to training?

In order to get free access and start training, you need:

• Choose one of the educational programs;

• Join the Telegram channel of the participants of the initiative;

• Fill out the participant's questionnaire for checking and verification. You can get access to the questionnaire form by following the link.

• Spread information about the courses in your social networks.

Pay attention! Free access is active until December 11, 2022.

We will remind you, that a free platform for learning foreign languages ​​was launched earlier in Ukraine. Learning takes place in the form of games and is suitable for people of any age. At the same time, it also does not matter what language you communicate in everyday life and what level of proficiency you have in the language of the country of residence. More details at the link.