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27 Nov. 2022


Ukraine is launching the "Grain from Ukraine" initiative to deliver grain to the poorest countries in Africa



Ukraine is launching the "Grain from Ukraine" initiative to deliver grain to the poorest countries in Africa

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On the Memorial Day of Holodomor victims, Volodymyr Zelenskyi announced the international food initiative "Grain from Ukraine", which will provide the poorest African countries with food. As part of this project, 60 ships with food will be sent to Africa by the end of spring.

How will the "Grain from Ukraine" initiative work?

During the International Summit on Food Security in Kyiv, the president announced that Ukraine will transfer part of the grain prepared for export to purchase for poor African countries. A certain amount of this grain will be able to be bought by other countries that join the initiative.

Whom will Ukraine help?

According to the President of Ukraine, ships with grain will go to Sudan, Yemen, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria and Somalia.

"Under the Grain from Ukraine program, by the end of next spring, we plan to send at least 60 ships - at least 10 per month - to countries at risk of famine and drought", - Zelenskyi said.

How many people will the "Grain from Ukraine" initiative save?

One ship carries the grain needed for 90,000 people, while 60 ships can save at least 5 million people from starvation.

European countries will also join the initiative

22 countries have already joined the project, and another 10 have expressed their readiness.

They will support "Grain from Ukraine" financially and have already collected 150 million dollars. Matti Maasikas, EU ambassador to Ukraine, announced this on Twitter.

Among the countries that have already allocated aid:

• Belgium - 10 million euros;

• France - 6 million euros in addition to 14 million allocated earlier;

• Austria - additional 3.8 million euros;

• Poland - 20 million euros;

• The Netherlands - 4 million euros;

• Hungary will allocate 3.5 million dollars;

• Canada - 30 million Canadian dollars;

• Japan - 14 million dollars;

• Germany - 15 million euros;

• Great Britain - 5 million pounds;

• Sweden - about 4.2 million dollars.

The food crisis in the world has gained momentum over the past few years, and the war in Ukraine contributes to the worsening of the situation. At the same time, Ukraine is doing everything possible to export grain and deliver it to countries that need it. We should add that more than 50 ships have already left Ukrainian ports, delivering 12 million tons of products to 40 countries around the world. Instead, russia blocks the path of the rest of the ships, due to which a queue of 80 ships formed in the Bosphorus.