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08 Dez. 2022


The Power Banking project: how Ukrainian banks will work in conditions of blackout



The Power Banking project: how Ukrainian banks will work in conditions of blackout

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More useful news in our Telegram channel

Due to massive shelling of energy facilities in Ukraine, many people are forced to remain without electricity for hours, and sometimes for days. In the blackout conditions, Ukrainians faced non-working banks and the impossibility of withdrawing funds through ATMs.

Therefore, the National Bank of Ukraine, together with Ukrainian banks, is implementing a project called Power Banking, which will help ensure the uninterrupted operation of the entire banking system.

What is the essence of the Power Banking project?

Power Banking is a project that consists in creating a whole network of standby banks in the territory of Ukraine, which will work completely autonomously and will not depend on power outages. Regular bank branches will accept customers even in conditions of a long blackout.

What will the next bank branches be equipped with?

The so-called "unbreakable" branches will be equipped with everything necessary for continuous customer service.

Special communication channels will enable banks to advise people even in the absence of light. It is also noted that the branches will be equipped with additional staff, trouble-free cash registers, ATMs and cash. You can get acquainted with the locations of such branches by following the link.

The following services will be available there:

▪️ receiving cash (at ATMs or at the box office);

▪️ payments, transfer of funds (at the cash desk or at self-service terminals);

▪️ currency exchange (if there is cash at the cash desk);

▪️ financial management consulting.

Will the ATM withdrawal limits change?

Also, the National Bank of Ukraine offered Ukrainian banks to create "ATM national roaming". This initiative provides for the establishment of uniform extended limits and the cancellation of the additional commission for cash withdrawals through ATMs by cardholders of other banks.

It is noted that "Oschadbank" has already canceled all additional withdrawal limits.

We will remind you! We previously wrote that in the event of a second blackout in the capital, public transport, grocery stores and pharmacies will continue to operate. You can familiarize yourself with the schedules and addresses in our article using the link.