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30 Jan. 2023


Mobilization in Ukraine: why summonses began to be distributed en masse on the streets



Mobilization in Ukraine: why summonses began to be distributed en masse on the streets

The distribution of subpoenas to men of military age does not mean immediate dispatch to the front. Find out in more detail why summonses are massively distributed in public places in Ukraine and what threatens Ukrainians for failing to appear at the military registration and enlistment office

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In Ukraine, in recent weeks, it is increasingly common to hear that representatives of the military commissariats (and not only) have more actively started handing out summonses in public places where there is a fairly large flow of people. Let's figure out what it is connected with and what the military says.

General mobilization in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022, when russian troops invaded the country. In the first days, queues of people willing to pay the debt to the Motherland and protect their families from the aggressor lined up near Ukrainian military commissariats. Initially, military commissars practically did not resort to handing out summonses on the streets and other public places. However, recently the trend of the draft has changed.

Currently, there is a lot of "information" circulating on the Internet about the fact that summonses are distributed to citizens on the streets, checkpoints, shopping centers and other public places.

The military committees, in their turn, claim that planned mobilization continues in the country, and the revival with the distribution of summonses is connected with the formation of a reserve and the desire to register as many men as possible. Since the picking centers simply do not have information about many of them.

Is it legal to serve subpoenas in a public place?

Ukrainian legislation does not specify where summonses should be served to conscript citizens.

As Roman Horbach, head of the personnel department of the command headquarters of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, explains, the summons can be served both at home and on the street and in public places.

According to Horbach, the Ministry of Defense collects and updates data on conscripts using the procedure of serving summonses on the streets. He explains that men almost never independently notify the territorial recruiting centers about what kind of education they received, where they moved, when they got married, divorced, or had children.

Regarding the possible appearance of subpoenas in the "Diia" application

The Ministry of Statistics notes that summonses will not be served in the state annex. However, an electronic military ID may appear there. How it will be implemented and how the service will work is still unclear.

The subpoena does not guarantee that men will be sent to the army. Who will be mobilized then?

Horbach noted that they are currently mobilizing those who can work with new types of weapons that are being transferred to Ukraine by Western partners.

"Today we need specialists both for new types of weapons provided by partners and to replenish losses. First of all, we are mobilizing personnel in certain accounting and military specialties", - Gorbach insists.

According to him, in most cases today, citizens are called to the territorial recruitment centers in order to clarify their military registration data. At the same time, the decision on mobilization is made after the conclusion of a medical commission on fitness for military service.

It should not be forgotten that during the general mobilization, all conscript citizens of Ukraine between the ages of 18 and 60 can be called up for military service, if they do not have legal grounds for postponement or exclusion from registration. According to Art. 23 of the Law "On Mobilization Training and Mobilization", a postponement can be obtained, in particular:

- reserved workers (not all professions);

- men with disabilities;

- parents who have three or more minor children;

- single parents;

- parents of a child with a disability and a seriously ill child;

- parents raising an adult child with a disability of I-II groups;

- a guardian of a spouse, parents (own or spouse) with a disability or a serious illness;

- the guardian of an incapacitated person or a person with a disability;

- men who have a minor child if their wife is in military service.

The full list can be found here.

What subpoenas can be issued to Ukrainians, and what are the consequences for failure to appear at the Military Commissariat?

The legislation of Ukraine provides for four types of summons that can be issued to Ukrainians conscripted.

1. To clarify account data. Such subpoenas are handed to conscripts in order to obtain information about his identity, marital status, place of work or study, state of health and other data.

In case of non-appearance at the military commissariat, according to this procedure, administrative responsibility is provided, that is, a fine.

2. Summons to pass the military medical commission (MMC). Such an agenda provides for checking citizens' health status for service. A research and medical examination card is attached to it, where, after the medical examination, it will be indicated whether the conscript is fit for service or not.

A fine for non-appearance.

3. Summons for military service. During general mobilization, such summonses are not issued, since there is no call for emergency service in the country.

However, in the case of renewal of conscription, failure to appear at the military commissariat on such a summons is subject to criminal liability.

4. Mobilization order. If a person has passed a medical examination and is found fit for military service, they can be given a mobilization order. The document mentions the obligation to appear at a certain conscription point within 24 hours after the announcement of mobilization.

In case of non-appearance, criminal liability is provided.

Receiving a summons and a visit to the military commissariat does not mean that the conscript will immediately be sent to the front. It is worth remembering that the army needs not only people who can physically destroy the enemy, but also other narrow specialists, including medics, IT specialists and mechanics.

We will remind you! Recently, the Ukrainian government approved new rules for military registration of conscripts, conscripts and reservists, including abroad. We talk about whether men can be deported to Ukraine due to mobilization in our material.

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