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21 Apr. 2023


Parking rules in Germany: why a car may be towed and fined



Parking rules in Germany: why a car may be towed and fined

To avoid trouble in Germany, you should know the parking rules. You can be fined tens of euros for leaving your car in the wrong place. Here are the main parking rules that Ukrainians in Germany should remember

Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

Many refugees from Ukraine came to Germany by car and continue to use it during their stay in the country. In order to move around the cities safely, drivers need to know the parking rules. This will help you stop, leave your car, and avoid fines without any problems. Read more about the rules of parking your car in Germany below.

Free parking in Germany

There are places in the country where you can park for free. In particular, free parking is allowed

- on the side of the road, if there are no prohibiting signs;

- at special parking lots located far from the city center and connected by bus lines (Pendelbus);

- if there is a "2Std" sign with a time limit (usually 2 hours).

We also recommend visiting the website - here you can see more than 3000 free parking spaces and determine in advance where to go.

Where is it forbidden to park in Germany?

Under no circumstances should you park in the following places:

- in pedestrian zones;

- at intersections and pedestrian crossings (5 meters before and after them);

- on bicycle paths;

- within the scope of the relevant sign;

- at public transport stops (15 meters before and after them);

- in one-way traffic;

- on narrow streets and opposite the exit or entrance to a building.

There is also a ban on parking on certain days of the week. Such information is contained in the sign under the parking ban sign, so pay attention to the inscriptions.

Paid parking in Germany: where to look and how to pay

The driver can pay for parking in a machine and leave the receipt on the dashboard of the car in a visible place. After doing so, you are allowed to park on the roadside. In addition, there are paid garages and parking lots.

On average, the price per hour of parking in Germany is 1.5-3 euros, and underground parking costs 20-25 euros per day. The nightly rate is different - 7 euros per parking space.

Where to look for parking?

There are special applications that show parking lots and the availability of parking spaces.

The most popular apps and websites are as follows:

• Parkopedia Parken;

• travipay Parken;

• ParKing;

• Find my Car;



Fines for violation of parking rules

Improper parking will result in fines of up to hundreds of euros:

 70 euros for parking on a highway or motorway;

• 50 euros for parking in spaces for electric vehicles or people with disabilities;

• 10-70 euros for stopping where it is prohibited;

• 10 euros for parking without a permit in a parking lot;

 from 35 euros for blocking a fire escape;

 10-30 euros for getting out of the car in violation of safety rules;

 10-30 euros for violation of parking rules near intersections, private plots, public transport stops, exits from garages;

 10-30 euros for non-payment for parking.

If your car is towed by special vehicles, you will pay 100-200 euros for the tow truck services and an additional fee for parking on the impound lot.

How to pay the fine?

The German system is similar to the Ukrainian one. First, the driver receives a notice of the fine, which contains the payment details. You can make the payment at a bank, credit organization, post office, or online bank. Don't forget to keep your receipt.

Keep your international passport and driver's license with you, as they may be asked for when making the payment.

Failure to pay a fine

Fines are valid for a long time - up to several years. In case of non-payment, the offender will be charged a penalty, and the amount of the fine will increase. If you leave Germany with an unpaid fine, you will face problems when you next enter the country: you will be forced to pay the fine or be banned from crossing the border with Germany or another EU country altogether.

Appealing against fines: where to write

A parking fine is a white ticket left under the windshield wiper. This fine must be paid within 7 days and is not subject to appeal.

If you want to appeal the fine, you should wait three months. You will be sent an official notice by mail with a higher fine amount, as the cost of sending the letter will be added to it.

The next step is to prepare an appeal to the authority that sent the fine. The appeal must be sent within three weeks by registered mail. The driver may attach evidence of his or her innocence. If the agency does not change the decision regarding the driver's guilt, it will transfer the case to the prosecutor's office or district court.

We remind you! Earlier we wrote that the federal states of Germany have agreed not to extend the grace period for using cars with Ukrainian registration. After a year of stay in Germany, Ukrainian citizens will have to register their cars. More details in our article.

Our recommendation for a safe and comfortable trip: 

Visit Ukraine Insurance - insurance for a safe stay abroad without unnecessary expenses;

Green Card - compulsory car insurance for traveling abroad;

Visit Ukraine Tickets - book tickets for buses, trains, and airplanes to/from Ukraine and between cities around the world;

Private Lawyer service - professional legal support on visa and migration issues;

Visit Ukraine Merch - buy patriotic clothing and accessories with worldwide delivery.

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