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France: rules for entry and stay. Information for Ukrainian refugees

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France: rules for entry and stay. Information for Ukrainian refugees

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Unvaccinated people coming from the green zone (all EU countries) must have a negative PCR test (no more than 72 hours before arrival in France) or an antigen test (no more than 48 hours before arrival). Th same requirement serves for Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war through one of the EU countries (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia).


If you left Ukraine because of the war after February 24, 2022, you can enter France without additional documents under the following conditions:

- You have a document certifying identity and citizenship: foreign passport, either biometric or ordinary (valid or expired not more than 2 years), or passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of a card (valid or expired not more than 2 years) or identity card, issued by the Embassy of Ukraine

- AND ALONG WITH THAT you can provide a stamp of crossing the Ukrainian border and entry into the Schengen area or other confirmation of such crossing (for example, a certificate of crossing the border issued by the border service of the country you entered from Ukraine).

WARNING! If you do not have a document proving your identity and citizenship, OR if you do not have a border crossing mark / do not have a border crossing certificate issued by the border services, you should contact the French Embassy in the first Schengen country you entered to obtain permission to enter France.

Embassy of France in Poland (Warsaw): details in Ukrainian here  

Embassy of France in Hungary (Budapest), Budapest H-1011, Fő utca 17 (e-mail [email protected] )

French Embassy in Romania (Bucharest), also for those who left Ukraine through Moldova: details in English here  

Accordingly, we urge you to ensure that the border guards of the country through which you entered the Schengen area put a stamp on the border crossing in your passport (foreign, "domestic" or in the child's birth certificate), or obtain a certificate. from them about crossing the border.

If you left Ukraine because of the war, you have the right to apply for temporary protection (official explanation from the French Ministry of the Interior, in Ukrainian) - but you are not obliged to do so.

If you decide not to apply for temporary protection, you are subject to the general grounds for staying in France for citizens of Ukraine - visa-free regime for 90 days.


If you left Ukraine before February 24, 2022, you can enter France only on general grounds:

with a valid biometric passport - in the Schengen area your stay will be legal for 90 days without any additional action

either with a valid non-biometric passport and with a short-stay Schengen visa, a long-stay visa for entry into France or with a residence permit in France or another EU country.



If you need to stay in France for more than 90 days, you must obtain a residence permit - EITHER extend the visa-free period and obtain a temporary residence permit / provisoire de séjour permit for 3 months OR obtain temporary protection and related residence for 6 months, OR obtain a residence permit / titre de séjour (for certain categories, such as husbands and wives of French citizens). In each case, you must contact the prefecture of the department of residence.


Asylum in France in the form of "temporary protection" status:

At present, citizens of Ukraine are not recommended to apply for refugee status

Instead, the European Union has adopted a Directive introducing a new mechanism for the reception of displaced persons, a "temporary protection" regime, and in France this Directive is fully implemented. This status will better meet the needs of Ukrainians seeking refuge from war, and is acquired through a simplified procedure. Temporary protection is provided, in particular, by the right to reside in France, access to the labor market, medical services and social assistance in EU countries. It will be available to citizens of Ukraine (who were permanently residing in Ukraine and arrived from Ukraine after February 24, 2022 or those who stayed in France on February 24, 2022 with a short-term visa-free visit and are unable to return to Ukraine), persons seeking refugee status or asylum seekers in Ukraine and foreign nationals who are close family members of a Ukrainian citizen who has received temporary protection in France.

Rights granted together with temporary protection in France: ➔ issuance of a temporary residence permit in France for six months marked "recipient of temporary protection"; ➔ payment of asylum seeker assistance; ➔ work permit; ➔ access to medical care; ➔ education for minors; ➔ support in obtaining housing


Since March 17, a new and unique Center for the Reception of Citizens of Ukraine (Urgence Ukraine) has been operating in Paris, providing centralized temporary settlement assistance, issuing temporary protection status and social assistance.

All services of the Prefecture and the Office of Foreigners (OFII) will be provided at the Center from 9.00 to 18.00.

Everyone who comes from Ukraine, even in case of transit travel, will be able to contact the Center around the clock to resolve the issue of temporary settlement. The Center will also have a Consular Section to deal with issues related to identification and passports.

Contact the reception center for Ukrainians at: Paris Expo porte de Versailles - Hall 2.1 - avenue Ernest Renan 75015 Paris (Porte de Versailles metro station).

Open 7/7:

- from 9:00 to 18:00 (for the prefecture and OFII) run by France Terre d'Asile

Translators are available on site

In Paris:

24-hour hotline (press 2 for Ukrainian): 01 87 66 66 12

To apply for temporary protection in other regions: contact the nearest prefecture (go to the map). The prefecture is an institution authorized by the French state to organize the reception of displaced persons, official registration and access to housing in France.

You must contact the prefecture of the department in which you live or stay:

o with the documents you have to prove your situation;

o in company of members of your family (husband or wife and children).

➔ If your application is complete and acceptable, you will receive protection and a temporary residence permit. ➔ You will then be referred to the French Bureau of Immigration and Integration (OFII).

Medical care / Health:

Emergency medical care: on the recommendation of the Regional Health Service, contact the nearest emergency department (urgences)

In Paris, the Hôpital Robert Debré is recommended for pregnant women and children.

Medical consultations in Paris: "Urgence Ukraine" reception point for Ukrainians (details above).

Medical advice in other regions: access through the local prefecture


In Paris: contact the Urgence Ukraine reception center (details above).

In other regions: contact the nearest prefecture (go to map).

Useful Telegram channels: