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Rules of using a private car in Europe: Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark

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Rules of using a private car in Europe: Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark

Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car
Issuing a policy Green card for traveling abroad by car

Immediately note the issue of legality of the driver's license. All EU countries, which will be discussed below, recognize national driver's licenses (only in plastic in Latin) with international driver's license in addition to them. If you have old-style Ukrainian licese or it is running out just in time when you are in Europe as a seeker of temporary protection from war, you will have to exchange them for those that are valid in the host country.

You can get an international driver's license here if you need it in your country of residence. Note that the executed document does not guarantee its recognition in electronic form by the relevant control authorities of the country in which you are, as it is essentially a translation of your Ukrainian license. Regarding the possibility of using the digital version and obtaining paper international driver's licenses, you can specify when ordering on the same site.

Almost for the duration of Ukraine's visa-free regime with the EU (3 weeks), your international driver's license must be recognized in Europe, but later you will have to exchange it for a license of your country of residence. For more detailed information on the use of your driver's license, contact the relevant tourist office, embassy or car rental company. Note that even with an international driver's license you always need to have the original Ukrainian one.

Lots of useful information on travelling by car can be found here


The vignette for toll roads in Bulgaria can be purchased here or in the terminals of the Road Infrastructure Agency. The car must have two emergency signs, a first aid kit, a reflective vest, a fire extinguisher. Anti-radar is prohibited! Paid parking lots ("paid parking") differ in prices (from 1 lev / h), depending on belonging to the blue zone or green. Non-payment - tow truck or block, fine. Pay for the place through SMS on 1302 with the number of your license plate in the text, or by buying a coupon.

Collection of general information:

Regarding the replacement of the driver's license with the Bulgarian one, it is necessary to make its translation with legalization, get a medical certificate (categories other than "A" / "B" with "Psychotest", and apply to the Traffic Police (Bulgarian State Traffic Police). Address in Sofia: Documents: original and copy of translation of driver's license, original and copy of residence permit in Bulgaria (temporary protection document), original and copy of Ukrainian driver's license, receipt of payment (KAT has a bank branch), completed declaration (given to KAT). Sign the questionnaire and in 20 days you will receive a certificate (valid for 10 years).

At the same time, the Ukrainian certificate will be taken away and sent to Ukraine. It becomes INVALID! Contacts of roadside assistance - 146, police - 166/112.

Car registration in Varna: 

General rules: A month is given for implementation.


To use your own car while in Greece, you need to obtain an e-certificate confirming the validity of your driver's license. Instructions: In general, on the basis of the Ukrainian license + international driver's license you can drive here for up to 1 year.

General tips:


Please note that a temporary certificate confirming the issuance of a driver's license to re-register your Ukrainian rights to Portuguese is not issued. Follow the update (a procedure will appear on this page when it becomes available). However, this country has a different procedure: if you have registered for temporary protection, you can simply change your driver's license to a Portuguese one. You do not need a certificate from the consulate or exams. You also do not have to pay any fees. If you work in transport, you will need to leave a request for automatic recognition of professional certification here.

If you can't prove to them that this is your profession, you will need to take a 35-hour course and take an exam (free of charge), and in the meantime you will be given code 95 in your driver's license.

You do not need to register your car if you stay less than 180 days. Registration takes place at the regional IMT services at the place of residence. Documents: model 9 IMT, SOS (Certificado de Conformidad CE), certificate of registration of the vehicle with the mark of the customs authority (AT), certificate of value of the car (Model 112), issued by the inspection body type B (CITV), document from the customs authority JSC) on the fulfillment of all tax obligations, payment of duties and taxes, identity card, vehicle registration fee.


To use your own vehicle registered in Ukraine, you must have a valid driver's license, inspection, registration plate, international registration number with marks and a number valid in the EU. You can buy a car in Croatia with a foreign driver's license (Ukrainian): category D1 / D after 24 years, C - up to 21 years, C1 / B - up to 18 years of age. If you are registered for a temporary stay, the Ukrainian certificate will be valid for up to 1 year from the date of entry. You can replace your Ukrainian driver's license with a Croatian one even without an exam (!), if its validity has not expired more than 6 months ago.

Information on obtaining a Croatian driver's license (from scratch), replacement, verification of your license according to EU standards, car registration, etc.

If the inspection is over, it can be carried out in Croatia on an emergency basis at any service station with the appropriate protocol. Parking in the country is paid - the rules of use are always posted on the sites and parking lots.


To travel on Hungarian highways and motorways, you need to have an electronic vignette on this resource: If you do not have a green card, or it is coming to an end, you can insure your car at a significant discount in Allianz Hungary here.

General tips on using a car in Hungary: How to change a Ukrainian driver's license to a Hungarian one or get recognition of your license: 

You must register your car here no later than 30 days after settling in, and only if you plan to stay for more than 6 months. Municipalities at the place of residence in the state windows (Okmanyiroda) are engaged in registration. Documents: papers on car ownership (certified translation), certificate from the road administration on technical data and inspection status, registration certificate (if any), foreign car registration numbers, insurance. Sometimes a proof of origin is required.


General tips on driving in Belgium: about the exchange of license. It is allowed to travel 185 days without an exchange (it will not be possible to change earlier!). Everything about car registration is set out here.


Tips for driving a car: The driver's license is valid for 90 days from the moment of registration as a refugee. For old-type licenses, you will need to carry around an official translation into Danish, English or French. You can exchange it in the nearest commune. Documents: Ukrainian certificate, residence or work permit, medical certificate from a family doctor in Denmark (costs about 800 kroons), photo, written declaration (license has not been revoked for the last 5 years, the right to drive a car was not limited). The exchange will cost 280 crowns. The car must be re-registered no later than 14 days after entering the country. Procedure and where to go.

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