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03 Apr. 2022


How to open a bank account in Poland for Ukrainian refugees?

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How to open a bank account in Poland for Ukrainian refugees?

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While fighting is raging in Ukraine, Ukrainians continue to travel abroad in search of shelter. In the new country, it is important to take care of finances, including opening a bank account.

Poland is the leader in the reception of Ukrainian citizens. A number of Polish banks support refugees from Ukraine by opening accounts for them under a simplified procedure.

Opening an account will be useful for those who plan a long stay in Poland - until the end of the war or longer.

In particular, the Polish bank account allows:

- Receive social assistance from the Polish government

- Receive a salary in case of employment in Poland

- Pay for services and goods

- Use Internet banking (for example, replenish the mobile account of a Polish operator)

- Top up your Ukrainian bank card.

To open a Polish bank account, you need to visit the nearest bank branch and present the necessary documents. It should be noted that different banks have different requirements. Today, financial institutions are quickly adapting to the needs of refugees, so operational changes to some rules may be made.

However, in almost every bank Ukrainians will be able to open an account with:

- Identity card (preferably with a passport or ID card, as not all banks are ready to work with non-biometric passports)

- PESEL number (Polish identification number; how to get it - read here)

- Polish phone number

- Address of residence in Poland

The following banks in Poland offer simplified conditions for opening bank accounts and a minimum commission for servicing Ukrainian citizens:


- Pekao SA;

- Bank Credit Agrocile;

- SGB Group;

- ING Bank Slaski;

- BNP Paribas;

- Millennium;

- Santander.

This list and preferential terms are subject to change. Be sure to check all the information just before opening an account.

Please note that many Polish banks do not issue a plastic bank card at once, but send it by mail within a few days.

Some banks have opened hotlines for consultations in Ukrainian, all phone numbers are on official websites. In addition, Ukrainian is available in a number of Polish banks in Internet banking applications.

In which Polish banks you can exchange hryvnias for zlotys, read in the article.