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11 Apr. 2022


Ukrposhta together with partners will provide free delivery to Ukraine


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Ukrposhta together with partners will provide free delivery to Ukraine

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Ukrposhta held talks with the world's post offices on preferential terms of delivery to Ukraine during the war. In response to the appeal, 14 national postal operators of other countries have already announced the provision of free deliveries to Ukraine.

This is about delivery from abroad to specific recipients in Ukraine, indicating the recipient, address, index and contact phone number. As a national postal operator, Ukrposhta will deliver these items free of charge to its branches in Ukraine, where recipients will be able to pick them up. You can send clothes, household goods, products in factory packaging up to 10 kg, a small amount of over-the-counter drugs. It is forbidden to send alcohol and military goods.

Therefore, if your relatives or friends from other countries want to send you a parcel to Ukraine, you can do so free of charge by the following mail:

Österreichische Post AG (Austrian Post) sends free of charge shipments of up to 30 kg to Ukraine from its post offices as well as partner post offices.

Omniva (Estonian Post) also delivers parcels weighing up to 30 kg to Ukraine free of charge from all post offices.

From the Poczta Polska post offices that receive EMS items, you can send humanitarian aid to your relatives in Ukraine free of charge by choosing an EMS product weighing up to 20 kg.

An Post (Ireland Post) has volunteered to send letters, small packages and parcels up to 20 kg to Ukraine free of charge, and can be shipped at any of An Post's post offices. The Post of Ireland also provides a number of free services for Ukrainians who emigrated in connection with the war, namely: free recharging of the SIM card for three months, obtaining a secure virtual address (for those who do not have a postal address), receiving / sending Western Union money transfers without commission, etc.

Česká Pošta (Czech Post) offers free shipping of standard parcels up to 30 kg to Ukraine. You can send a parcel at any post office in the Czech Republic.

Slovenská pošta (Slovak Post) sends parcels weighing up to 5 kg free of charge to Ukraine. Shipments are accepted at all post offices in Slovakia.

Pošta Slovenije (Post of Slovenia) delivers parcels to Ukraine free of charge with humanitarian aid.

Georgian Post (Georgia Post) from the first days of the war launched the option of free delivery to Ukraine.

You can also send parcels to Ukraine free of charge from Cyprus Post (Cyprus Post), Magyar Posta (Hungary Post), Guernsey Post, UK (Guernsey Post), Armenian Post, Royal Gibraltar Post (Gibraltar Post).

The list of countries from which you can arrange free delivery to Ukraine is available on the website.