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How to pay for parking in Kyiv: detailed instructions



How to pay for parking in Kyiv: detailed instructions

Paying for parking in Kyiv has become easier thanks to a number of convenient services that offer a quick and efficient solution to this issue. Find out more about how to use online payment and whether it is possible to do it directly at the parking lot

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More useful news in our Telegram channel

Payment for parking on municipal lots in the capital is possible exclusively online. Parking attendants can provide advice on how to do this, but they are not allowed to charge motorists. 

It's also worth knowing that private parking lots may have their own rules.

We're going to tell you about apps and services for paying for parking in Kyiv, as well as current tariffs. 

Rules for parking your car on the streets of Kyiv

During the air alert, parking inspectors do not fine drivers or evacuate cars that have not paid the parking fee. 

Also, most parking lots in Kyiv are free on weekends. 

For people with disabilities, parking in specially designated spaces is always free.

How to pay for parking in Kyiv at a parking lot?

You can pay for parking in Kyiv directly at the parking lot without downloading any apps. To do this, just go to the plate with the parking lot number and scan the QR code. 

After scanning, a tab with official services for paying for a parking space will open in your browser.

To pay, you need to specify the car number, the number of the parking lot and the estimated duration of parking. The commission depends on the payment service. 

The minimum parking duration is 1 hour.

How to pay for parking in Kyiv through the app? 

You need to pay for the service online within 10 minutes after parking the car. When the driver pays for parking, it is displayed in the inspector's system. Before parking, the driver must make sure that the car number in the app is correct and that the parking number in the app matches the number on the parking plate, as this is the data checked by the inspector. 

If you pay later or enter the data incorrectly, the driver will have to pay a fine (20 times the hourly parking fee).

Payment via Kyiv.Digital

You can view the cost and available parking lots in the Kyiv.Digital app. To pay for parking, you need to:

1. On the main screen of the Kyiv.Digital application (Android and iOS), select the "Hourly parking" section.

2. Select or enter your vehicle number.

3. Select the address and number of the parking lot from the list or simply turn on geolocation to determine the parking location.

4. Click "Start parking".

To end the time countdown, click "Finish parking" and pay the accrued cost using Google Pay or Apple Pay, Masterpass e-wallet, or using your bank card details. 

No commission is charged for parking. The minimum parking duration for payment is 1 hour.

Paying for parking with Easy Pay

1. Go to the EasyPay website and select the "Pay for parking in Kyiv" service.

2. Enter the car number, address and parking lot number, as well as the duration of parking (from 1 to 14 hours).

4. Pay the fee using Google Pay/Apple Pay or your bank card details.

In this way, no parking fee is charged. The minimum parking duration is 1 hour. 

Please note! The service does not send notifications about the end of the parking time, so you need to keep track of the time yourself. If a driver plans to leave his or her car on the parking lot longer than the established tariff allows, it is better to pay for the space in advance. In case of late payment, a fine will be charged.

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What is the cost of paid parking on the streets of the capital?

The cost of paid parking in Kyiv depends on the parking zone. There are three territorial zones in the capital. Parking prices and the location of the zones are regulated by the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA).

Territorial zone I includes the following streets and squares:

Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street, Borychiv Descent, Naberezhne Highway, Parkova Road, Alley of Heroes of Kruty, Lavrska Street, Volunteer Battalions Street, Redutnyi Lane, Staronavodnytska Street, Druzhby Narodiv Boulevard, and Druzhby Narodiv Street. Druzhby Narodiv, Mykola Hrinchenko str., Protasiv Yar str., Ivan Fedorov str., Korolenkivska str., Zhylianska str., Tolstoho Lev str., Vokzalna str., Povitroflotskyi ave., Ivan Ohienko str., Heorhii Kirpa str., Viacheslav Chornovil str., Hlybochytskyi passage, Hlybochytska str., Nyzhnii Val str., Yaroslavska str., Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska str. 1.Ushynskoho St. (Radiorynok, Karavayevi Dachi railway station) 2.Demiivska Sq. (Kyiv Central Bus Station) Izyumska St., Mykola Hrinchenko St., Ruslan Luzhevskoho Ln.

The tariff for 1 seat per 1 hour (including taxes and fees) is UAH 35.

Territorial zone II includes:

Shchuseva Street, Illyenko Yurii Street, Mylniy Lane, Tatarska Street, Bohuslavskyi Descent, Zavodska Street, Naberezhno-Luhova Street, Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street, Naberezhne Highway, Metro Bridge, Brovarskyi Ave. Brovarskyi (Hidropark metro station), Mykilsko-Slobidska street, Andriy Sheptytskoho street, Sverstiuk Yevhena street, Tumanyana Ovanesa street, Florency street, Brovarskyi ave. Metro Bridge, Naberezhne Highway, Michurina Street, Zemlyanska Street, Zvirynetska Street, Boychuk Street, Saperno-Slobidska Street, Strategichne Highway, Nauky Avenue, Holosiivska Street, Holosiivskyi Avenue, Vasylkivska Street, Demiivska Street, Lobanovskoho Valerii Avenue, Sevastopolska Square, Donetska Street, Voloshyna Augustina Street, Vidradnyi Avenue, Blvd. Gavel Vaclav, Mykola Vasylenko St., Druzhkivska St., Peremohy Ave. Pryvokzalna (Railway Station), Boryspilska St. (Darnytskyi Market), Paskhalina St., Chubynskoho Pavlo St., Yaltynska St., Sormovska St., Sholem Aleichem St. (Yunist Market), Bratislavska St., Myropilska St., Perova Blvd. Perova (Avtorynok), Stalsky Suleiman Street, Mykytenko Ivan Street, Brovarskyi Avenue, Kyoto Street, Popudrenko Street, Elektrotekhnichna Street (Farmer Market), Marshal Malynovskyi Street (Obolon metro station), Obolonskyi Avenue, Obolonskyi Avenue (Minska metro station), Obolonskyi Avenue (Heroiv Dnipra metro station), Akademika Zabolotnoho Street (National Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life of Ukraine).

The tariff for 1 seat per 1 hour is UAH 25.

The III territorial zone includes the streets of Kyiv from the boundaries of the II territorial zone to the boundaries of Kyiv. 

The cost of parking for 1 space for 1 hour is UAH 5.

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