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29 Apr. 2022


Financial aid to Ukrainians in Cyprus

Für Flüchtlinge


Financial aid to Ukrainians in Cyprus

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

The Ukrainian diaspora in Cyprus reports that it has become possible to receive financial assistance in the amount of 340 euros from the state.

Citizens of Ukraine who belong to one of the two categories can receive one-time financial assistance:

Category 1.

Citizens of Ukraine who arrived in Cyprus for tourism during the three months before the war in Ukraine (February 24, 2022). Such persons must provide information to confirm the time of arrival in the Republic of Cyprus, in particular a copy of the passport marked on arrival at the airport or port, or, if received, a copy of the temporary residence permit in Cyprus.

Category 2.

Citizens of Ukraine who arrived in Cyprus after the start of the war in Ukraine (February 24, 2022). Persons in this category must provide the same documents as representatives of the first category.

It should be emphasized that citizens of Ukraine living in Cyprus who do not fall into the two categories mentioned above can receive financial assistance after being informed of the need to apply to the Department of Population and Immigration and obtain a relevant residence permit.

The amount will be paid in two installments. The second payment is made 15 days after the first one. If the first part of the financial assistance is provided, the person must be informed of the date and time of receipt of the second part.

You only need to submit one application to receive assistance.

After submitting the application to the SWS (Social Protection Service) office, the beneficiary can receive the first part of the cash in cash on the same day. To receive the second part of the assistance, the beneficiary in 15 days applies to the same office and provides a document confirming receipt of the first payment.

Nicosia SWS Lakatamia

Address: 23, kenmedy Street, 2314, Lakatamia

Tel: +357 22608400

Limassol SWS Polemidia

Address: 3, 82nd Street, 4153, Polemidia

Tel: +357 25821895

Larnaca SWS Agion Anargiron

Address: 54, Agion Anargiron Avenue, 6301

Tel: +357 24821080