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23 Mär. 2022


Montenegro: rules of entry and opportunities for Ukrainian refugees

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Montenegro: rules of entry and opportunities for Ukrainian refugees

Help our volunteers who support Ukraine and all foreigners in the country 24/7

Entry into Montenegro is permitted with:

- a valid biometric or non-biometric passport, as well as a copy thereof;

- internal passport in the form of a book or id-card, as well as their copies;

- children under 18 years of age on the basis of a birth certificate.

!! If you have any problems with entering with invalid or missing documents, you can ask the police for temporary protection or asylum right at the border. In this case, citizens of Ukraine must be admitted with available documents.

We recommend the citizens of Ukraine to use a special mechanism of temporary protection, activated for Ukrainians. Read about the benefits of temporary protection over refugee status here.

!! If you have an expired passport, you can renew it, under a new temporary order, at any Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate before you enter Montenegro.

- COVID document

No vaccination or test confirmation is required to enter Montenegro, entry is free.

Entrance with animals

According to the Embassy, ​​entry with animals is allowed with or without any available documents for the animal.


Obtaining temporary protection in Montenegro:

1. All citizens of Ukraine, as well as other separate categories, are subject to temporary protection in Montenegro;

2. Temporary protection may be applied regardless of the date of entry and the period of stay in Montenegro. You can apply if you have registered / not registered as a tourist, if you have already applied for a residence permit or shelter. No restrictions, everyone can apply.

3. The term of temporary protection is one year with the possibility of its extension

4/ Rights, guarantees and opportunities:

- health care (free medicine in public institutions);

- primary and secondary education (only school, kindergartens are not included);

- work;

- family reunification.

! Learn more about these rights and how to use them at the crisis points helping Ukrainians.

5. There are no restrictions, including the right to move freely around the country and change the place of residence / work. You can return to Ukraine at any time (temporary protection automatically terminates). You are also free to go abroad, but before the trip you must inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro about the reasons and duration of such a trip.

6. Procedure. It is necessary to apply to the regional offices of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro with all available documents at the place of residence. All persons over 18 years of age apply individually, parents additionally apply for their children under 18 years of age. After the application is submitted, photographs and fingerprints are taken, and confirmation of the application for temporary protection is issued. Then there is a period of up to 30 days for inspections provided by law. After receiving a positive result of the inspection, the persons are issued a certificate for one year of obtaining the status of a foreigner under temporary protection in Montenegro.

! With confirmation of the application for temporary protection, as well as a certificate of temporary protection, you can apply to the relevant institutions for the implementation of guaranteed rights (hospital, school, etc.).

! All persons who do not have a passport must first apply to the Embassy for a temporary identity document.

! Before contacting the Ministry directly, we advise you to first contact the crisis headquarters to help Ukrainians, where you will be provided with all the information, as well as where you can fill out an application and make copies of your documents to speed up the procedure at the Ministry.

Stay in Montenegro as a tourist

Registration for temporary protection is not mandatory for citizens of Ukraine who have a biometric passport. You can stay in Montenegro with a biometric passport as a tourist, without claiming the rights granted by the temporary protection. To do this, you must register with your local tourist organization and pay the tourist tax within 24 hours of entry. Tourist tax is 1 euro per day. You can stay in Montenegro without a visa for 90 days.

If you need any help:

1) fill in the Google table by following the link

2) write about your problem in the group "Protection of Ukrainians in Montenegro"

- on Facebook

- in Telegram

3) apply for help to the Red Cross office in your city and crisis headquarters to help Ukrainians in Montenegro:

- Podgorica - 1-5 Balšica st., in the office of the travel agency Jet Travel

Location - 

Opening hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The phone is being updated.


- Budva - opening approximately on March 28. Wait for the details.


- Bar - 10A Boulevard of the Revolution, in the premises of the Honorary Consulate of Georgia in Montenegro.

Location - 

Opening hours from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm, Sunday (based on calls on demand).

Phone +38230550891

- Tivat - reDLis room.

Location - 

Work schedule from 12 to 17 from Monday to Friday.

Phone +38268379983, +380660602651 (Telegram / Viber).

- Herceg Novi - Adriatic Highway, Intermedic House, in the premises of the Red Cross.

Location - 

Work schedule from 10 to 13 from Monday to Friday.

Phone + 382-69-573-208.

!! If within a reasonable time none of the representatives of the Ukrainian community responded to your request for assistance, please contact the Embassy by phone + 382-20-320-400 or e-mail [email protected] In urgent and emergency cases on Viber at + 382-67-69-86-86.

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Regarding the temporary order, which allows to extend the validity of foreign passports and paste photos of children in the foreign passport of parents 

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