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How to apply to a university abroad and where to find study grants?



How to apply to a university abroad and where to find study grants?

Ukrainian students may think about studying abroad, but some believe that it is very difficult and costly. Today, there are special programmes in different countries in Europe and around the world that will help students with the arrangement and finding institutions. Find out how special grants work and where to look for them

An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside Ukraine
An insurance policy is a guarantee of your safety and peaceful stay outside Ukraine

Going to university abroad is a great opportunity for a future career both in Ukraine and abroad. It is important for students from Ukraine and other countries who want to study abroad to know the main stages of preparation for admission and where to look for financial support in the form of study grants. We are telling you about this with reference to

What do you need to study abroad?

Despite the fact that many people think that studying abroad is unaffordable due to the financial component, it is important to know that there are many programmes in other countries that offer scholarships and grants that will allow you to get an education with minimal costs.

Under various programmes, students can receive assistance from foreign governments, foundations and educational institutions. There is a variety of offers that may even include covering the entire cost of tuition fees or housing, food and travel expenses.

To take advantage of an opportunity to enter a university abroad, you need to pay attention to your language skills and academic results. In addition, you can independently evaluate yourself according to such criteria as school performance, knowledge of the local language, research papers in your specialisation, and the convincing nature of your goal to study with a scholarship.

Grants for studying abroad: where to look for them?


In Germany, studying at higher education institutions is available free of charge for both local citizens and foreigners. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) annually offers up to 60,000 scholarships for various specialities, including support in preparing documents and exams. For Ukrainian students who want to continue their studies in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, there is the Copernicus Stipendium programme, which provides assistance in organising the educational process.


Graduates of Ukrainian universities have opportunities to receive scholarships for master's and postgraduate studies abroad, especially in the field of engineering.

France offers grants through the Campus France programme, and the ÉTUDIANTS service regularly updates information on available scholarships. For those seeking higher degrees, the Bernard Gregory Association provides information on study programmes, including offers from French, Belgian and German universities.

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Czech Republic and Poland

As you know, the Czech Republic and Poland actively attract Ukrainian students by offering affordable and high-quality education. 

In the Czech Republic, education is free of charge, provided that you speak Czech and pass exams. There are grants from the Visegrad Fund and the Erasmus Mundus programme to support studies.

In Poland, scholarships are available through apprenticeship programmes and specialised programmes in the humanities (Gaude Polonia) and economics (Kirkland).  

United Kingdom

In the UK, the cost of education is quite high, and scholarships often act as discounts on tuition fees, not covering living expenses. However, many young people seek to study in the UK by participating in programmes such as Chevening, which offer financial support.


China offers generous scholarships for international students, including full funding for tuition, accommodation, insurance and daily living expenses. Some programmes also include a year of Chinese language study. There are grant opportunities for both language and academic programmes, with the option to apply directly through selected universities. For more information, please visit the Chinese Government Scholarship website.

Where can I find other programmes?

For students looking for scholarships in Europe and around the world, there are portals such as Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ that offer a wide range of opportunities, including covering programme, travel and accommodation costs. Global Scholarships and Scholarshipportal are platforms for finding scholarships around the world with various filters for easy searching. EURAXESS provides information on funding for research projects and scholarships in Europe. Many universities and research institutes also offer their own scholarships and financial support programmes.

We remind you! Access to quality education makes women more independent and economically resilient. In particular, the Projector Foundation, together with the EU, announces the start of recruitment for free online training of Ukrainian women abroad in highly paid IT professions. Find out how to participate and start your studies here.

Want to know more? Read the latest news and useful materials about Ukraine and the world in the News section.

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