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03 Mai. 2022


Information for Ukrainians who were in Israel as of February 24

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Information for Ukrainians who were in Israel as of February 24

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The Embassy of Ukraine in Israel informs: in connection with numerous requests for clarification on the permitted period of stay in Israel, we inform that citizens of Ukraine who were in Israel legally (ie as tourists) as of 24.02.22 may stay in Israel to 31.05.2022. That is, if you were in Israel as a tourist and plan to stay in the country before the end of hostilities in Ukraine, you should not visit the offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to extend the tourist visa because it is already extended automatically until 31.05.2022.

In the event of continued hostilities in Ukraine, the Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs will take additional measures to extend the stay of Ukrainian citizens, which will be announced on the web resources of the Embassy. The negotiation process on the possibility of temporary employment of Ukrainian citizens who are in the status of tourists is currently underway. The embassy will inform you later about possible areas of work and employment conditions.