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How to enroll a child in a school in Poland?

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How to enroll a child in a school in Poland?

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In Poland, compulsory education covers children aged 7 to 18. Education in Poland is divided into primary and secondary ones.

The total number of years of schooling in Ukraine determines in which grade of primary or secondary school your child will continue his / her education. This will be determined on the basis of documents or applications.

Example: if your child attended primary school in Ukraine, in Poland he / she must continue his / her primary education in a class that corresponds to the Ukrainian one.

How to enroll a child in a school in Poland?

Only the following person can enroll a child in a school in Poland:

• parents

• legal guardians of the child, ie a person entrusted by the court with the care of the child.

Importantly! Students over the age of 18 can enter high school on their own.

To enroll a child in school, you must first select a specific school. The list of schools is available in the Register of Schools and Educational Institutions.

You chose the school, what's next?

• You must apply for your child at the school you have chosen.

• Attach a birth certificate and documents confirming the child's attendance at school in Ukraine to the application for admission. It is not necessary to translate these documents into Polish, but the translation will greatly facilitate communication and the process of enrolling your child in school.

• Submit all documents to the principal of the selected school.

• If you do not have documents proving your child's education, write a statement about the child's general years of schooling in Ukraine and indicate the school / schools which your child attended.

Importantly! In Polish public schools, education for children and adolescents aged 7 to 18 is free.

Is it necessary for a child to know Polish in order to enroll in school?

Your child does not need to know Polish to continue education in Poland. For students who do not speak Polish well enough, the school organizes additional free Polish language lessons. Preparatory electives will also be created at the school.

Detailed information about enrollment can be found on the website of the selected school or on the website of the city or municipal office where you live.

The decision to admit a child to primary or secondary school is made by the director of the institution.