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How to get a TIE card in Spain?

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How to get a TIE card in Spain?

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Ukrainians in Spain who have managed to obtain temporary protection are faced with the need to obtain a TIE card. The TIE card is the main internal document certifying the identity of a foreigner resident in Spain.

To receive this card, you need to:

1️⃣ pre-register for an appointment (take a cita) at the police at 

The province for visiting police should be chosen at the place of residence. It doesn't have to be your city - you can choose a police station in the neighboring city, but the main thing is that the office has to be located within your province of residence.

Instructions on how to fill in the fields on the site to get the cita are available here.

2️⃣ come to the police station on the chosen date and at the specified address

For registration of TIE in the police, it is necessary to:

- have a photo 32x26 (to find out where to take a photo, write in the search fotos para documentos and the name of the city)

- fill in and print out the form Tasa modelo 790 Código 012

- pay a fee of € 16.08 for Tasa modelo 790 Código 012 in any bank and have a receipt of payment

- fill in and print out the application form EX-17

- have an identity document with which you applied for temporary protection

- have temporary protection document - a white sheet with fingerprints and a photo

After accepting your application, the police will issue you a temporary document valid until the TIE plastic card is issued. The card will be issued in 2-4 weeks. It must be picked up at the same police station where the application was submitted (in some municipalities you will need to make an appointment again). It is impossible to monitor the readiness of cards online - just call or come and check.

When traveling abroad and returning, the TIE card must be carried with you along with your passport. The absence or expiry of one of the documents may be a reason to refuse check-in for the flight.