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14 Jun. 2022


Men working in IT will be able to go abroad during the war



Men working in IT will be able to go abroad during the war

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Men working in the IT industry may be allowed to temporarily travel abroad during martial law in Ukraine. This was stated in an interview with Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for IT Development Olexandr Bornyakov.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation together with the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, and the Ministry of Economy plan to create a mechanism that will allow IT specialists to leave Ukraine. But for a short time and subject to return guarantees.

According to Bornyakov, a decision is expected in the coming days, which must first be approved by the Defense Ministry. Then the conditions under which IT specialists will be able to leave Ukraine for a short time and the possible terms of return will become known.

"We see that understanding is already underway. It is a maximum of two or three weeks, but I think that even if it is about 5-7 working days, this will be enough to resolve the issue and go back, "Bornyakov said.

According to Bornyakov, since the beginning of the war, 70% of IT companies have been able not only to maintain the pace of doing business but also to attract new customers. The Deputy Minister sees the IT industry as one of the key ones in Ukraine's economy. Especially since many IT companies pay taxes in advance, supporting the economy. Therefore, the issue of travel abroad for IT specialists is becoming increasingly important.

“Personal contact is very important. There are things like conferences, business forums that you need to attend, showcase your business, and attract new customers. It could have been postponed for a month or two, but now the situation is such that there is no place to postpone it, ”Oleksandr Bornyakov said.