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14 Jun. 2022


Ukrainians will be able to get a European-type driver's license



Ukrainians will be able to get a European-type driver's license

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The Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced on June 14 that from now on Ukrainians can obtain a driver's license, which is adapted to the norms and standards of the European Union.

According to the new standards on the Ukrainian certificate, the code encryption will replace the icons. For example, if previously the "glasses" icon informed that the driver has vision problems, now, with the help of codes, you can get more detailed information - the driver wears glasses, contact lenses, or a special optical device.

There will also be a column on passing the practical exam for a car with automatic transmission. This information will be placed in the line next to the category that is open to the driver. With this document, the driver will be able to drive only vehicles with automatic transmission, if the code is missing - with any.

To exchange an old certificate for a European-style document, you need to contact a service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the following documents:

• driving license

• passport

• copy of identification number

The cost of the service is 243 hryvnias + bank fee.