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19 Jun. 2022


How to get a pension or social benefits in the temporarily occupied or war-torn territories?



How to get a pension or social benefits in the temporarily occupied or war-torn territories?

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Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians living in the temporarily occupied and war-torn territories will not be able to receive pensions and social benefits. This information was announced on the air of all-Ukrainian news by Maryna Lazebna - Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine.

The head of the Ministry noted that about 300,000 people will not receive pensions in June. This situation is due to the inability to deliver funds there. At the same time, retirees can be sure that their money will not disappear. The state will centrally transfer funds to the accounts of citizens, regardless of whether individuals can receive them now or not.

No payments will be canceled and everyone will be able to receive their payment in the controlled area. In the temporarily occupied territories, payments will be delivered only if technically possible, as local social security authorities do not currently operate in such territories.

There are several ways to get a pension:

• To a bank card, if the pensioner has one. However, it is worth noting the difficulties with cash withdrawals, as there is no possibility to replenish ATMs in the temporarily occupied territories;

• Oschadbank automatically opens an account on which the pension will be kept until it is received;

• Ukrposhta will issue pensions in those cities where possible.

Another 300,000 Ukrainians from socially vulnerable categories who are in the war zone will also fail to receive payments this month. These are low-income people, people with disabilities, large families, and so on. "Social benefits in the uncontrolled territory cover about 300 thousand people, for whom we transfer about half a billion hryvnias," said Lazebna. The mechanism for receiving these benefits is the same as for pensions. Payments will be made taking into account the security situation and technical capabilities.

If you have left for the controlled territory and want to receive pensions or social benefits, contact Ukrposhta and Oschadbank:

You can contact the Ukrposhta hotline by phone: 0-800-503-753; 044-281-08-70; 044-281-08-71.

If you plan to use the services of Oschadbank, you need to contact the pension fund of the city where you are and inform them about your desire to receive an accrued pension.