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23 Jun. 2022


eRobota: the government launches a program to support Ukrainian business



eRobota: the government launches a program to support Ukrainian business

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The Government of Ukraine is launching a new large program to support businesses and farmers - eRobota. Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal stated this during a meeting on June 21.

So far, three grant programs have been approved, with an important focus on job creation. Interestingly, the application for grants can be made online. A total of 16 billion hryvnias was allocated for three projects, and Ukraine will receive part of the funds from foreign partners.

Non-refundable grants for new business

Ukrainians who want to start their own business can count on state support - non-refundable grants of up to UAH 250,000. The main requirements are to have a business plan and firm intentions to create new jobs in Ukraine. As part of the project, you can start any microbusiness - service center, service station, hairdresser, flower shop or coffee shop.

Any citizen who does not work or run another business can become a participant of the program. In total, it is planned to issue up to 20,000 grants a year. The program budget is 5 billion hryvnias.

You can submit an application and business plan in Diia, or by contacting a branch of Oschadbank. Experts will analyze, and evaluate the project and if it meets the requirements - will transfer funds within 10 days. The money will go to a separate account, from which they can be spent only for a special purpose - to buy equipment, raw materials, partially pay rent, etc.

Cheap loan "5-7-9"

For new entrepreneurs, there is also a program of cheap credit "5-7-9", the amount of which is up to 2.5 million hryvnias. Loan funds can also be spent on the development of their own business - the construction of premises, purchase of equipment, and more.

Agrarian support programs

As part of the new eRobota project, the government is also launching two non-refundable grant programs for farmers to build greenhouses and orchards.

• Under the greenhouse cost compensation program, the government plans to spend 7 billion hryvnias, about 3,000 grants, with an average cost of 5 to 7 million hryvnias. Private entrepreneurs, agricultural companies, and farms that own land or have a lease agreement for at least 25 years are invited to participate. The money will also be transferred to a special account and can be spent on the construction of a greenhouse complex, the purchase of equipment or seeds. The state finances up to 70% of the project cost, the rest is paid by the entrepreneur himself.

• Horticulture support program is partial compensation for planting gardens. Farmers can receive from 300,000 to 400,000 hryvnias per hectare, which is about 70% of the cost of planting. In total, the state allocates 4 billion hryvnias for the program. The payment terms and conditions are the same as for the greenhouse cost compensation program.

In the near future, the government plans to approve three more grant programs in the field of IT and processing.