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04 Jul. 2022


In Ukraine, an app was created for booking currency in banks at a fixed rate



In Ukraine, an app was created for booking currency in banks at a fixed rate

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The financial site Minfin has created a Minfin Currency application with the help of which you can book a fixed currency rate online and profitably exchange currency at any convenient bank.

How does it work?

In the application, you can fix a favorable rate at a bank branch and exchange cash during the working day. If the exchange rate changes by the time of the exchange, the reservation guarantees that the exchange will be carried out at the fixed rate.

Step-by-step instructions:

• Choose a bank branch in which you plan to make an exchange.

• Complete an online application in the app.

• To confirm the validity of the reservation, the bank will freeze 2% of the exchange amount from your account. These funds will be returned to the account after the exchange.

• Come to the branch before the end of the reservation validity period (specified in the application) together with the passport.

• Tell the cashier the confirmation code that you will receive after successfully registering a reservation request and exchange funds.

Please note that you cannot alter the application once it has been completed.

Freezing of funds - what you need to know?

During the application process, the user gives his/her consent to the freezing of funds from the account in the amount of 2% of the exchange sum, which will guarantee the bank that the cash is not kept for nothing. In case of successful operation completion, or if the operation fails due to the bank's fault, the money will be returned to the account.

If the applicant does not come to the branch at the time specified in the app, or if a smaller amount is provided than that booked in the app, the bank will write off the frozen funds in its favor.

What other services are available in the app?

In addition to booking a rate, the application allows you to: monitor the exchange rate of currencies and cryptocurrencies using widgets, find exchange offices and bank branches on the map, and use a currency converter.

Minfin receives information from reliable sources: the official NBU exchange rate, interbank quotations, exchange rates in Ukrainian banks, and the average exchange rate.

Support service:

• mail: [email protected]

• phone: 0 800 307 555