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30 Jul. 2022


What to do if you lost your bank card abroad?

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What to do if you lost your bank card abroad?

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Cashless payment is an integral part of a modern person's life. Many Ukrainians currently living abroad continue to use Ukrainian bank cards issued by international payment systems. Users can make payments at terminals and withdraw cash from ATMs. However, during active use of the card, the probability of its loss or damage increases. While abroad, what can be done?

First of all, it is necessary to take care of payment security right now:

• set up an SMS notification service about operations using the card, which will allow you to control expenses;

• set limits for calculations, this will not allow a fraudster to spend all the money from your card at once.

If you notice that the card is lost

The first step is to transfer funds:

• if you have several accounts opened in the same bank, transfer the balance from the lost card to another account. This can be done in the mobile application or through Internet banking (the service is "Transfer between your own accounts").

• if you have a single account, you can open a digital account and transfer funds there. To do this, select the "Order a digital card" service in the mobile application.

The second stage is to block the lost card:

• block the card in the mobile application or through the chatbot.

• blocking through the bank's hotline. The operator will ask several questions to identify the user (name, account number, account balance, code word, etc.) and accept the application to block the card. Please note that bank operators never ask for the card's PIN code, CVV code or CVC code.