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06 Aug. 2022


How Ukrainians can get help in France: money for rent and child support

Für Flüchtlinge


How Ukrainians can get help in France: money for rent and child support

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The French Family Assistance Fund (CAF) provides financial assistance to Ukrainian immigrants. Ukrainians living in France and who have obtained "temporary protection" can receive money for housing rent or children's education.

There are several types of financial assistance, payments can be provided for partial compensation of the cost of housing rent, or for the maintenance of minor children in large families.

Compensation for housing rent

CAF returns part of the money spent on rent to Ukrainian families renting housing in France. Housing subsidies can be received during the entire period of residence. Usually, the money is transferred directly to the homeowner, and the tenant pays the difference himself.

The amount of assistance depends on several factors:

• the cost of rent

• area and type of housing

• the number and age of people living there

• marital status

• wages of the tenant

You can calculate the approximate amount of the subsidy on the CAF website. You will be asked to provide information about your financial situation and rental housing.

The service will answer whether a person can count on financial assistance and in what amount. If so, you need to make an online request for assistance and create an account on the fund's website.

To fill out the profile, you should prepare the following documents:

• declaration of income of family members and payment of taxes for the last year

• rental certificates, family composition

• bank details

• a copy of the permit for temporary protection in France

Child support payments

Families with two or more children can also claim monthly financial assistance. CAF will cover the cost of education and maintenance of children under 20 years of age. These can be expenses for educational institutions, clothing, food, children's recreation, etc.

The amount of child support depends on the financial situation of the family, the number of children and their age. For example, for low-income parents, this amount per month is:

• 134 euros for two children,

• 307 euros for three children,

• 479 euros for four children,

• 172 euros for another child

You can calculate the amount of assistance in the Paje calculator. And you can apply for assistance online on the CAF website. The following documents are required for filling:

• bank account,

• a copy of temporary protection,

• a copy of the passport,

• copies of passports or birth certificates of children,

• declaration on the status of family benefits and housing allowance,

• income declaration for 2021

More information about the work of the Family Assistance Fund, as well as the possibility of receiving payments, can be found on the organization's website.