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08 Aug. 2022


Free tickets for Ukrainians to Canada

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Free tickets for Ukrainians to Canada

Become an ambassador of Ukraine, do a good deed now

The Ukraine2Canda Travel Fund offers free air travel to Canada to Ukrainians fleeing the war. Every two weeks, the organization will issue 300 tickets to registrants on a first-come, first-served basis. At least 10,000 Ukrainian refugees are planned to be brought to Canada.

To be eligible for a free flight, you must:

• have a valid CUAET visa

• be ready to fly within the next 30 days

• not apply for free tickets from other organizations

The program allows departures from various cities throughout Europe and arrivals to various cities in Canada. To do this, you need to specify the desired city of departure and arrival during registration. The program will select the closest commercial airline flight to your coordinates. Tickets will be provided free of charge at the expense of the program.

Regarding the dates, you can specify the dates from which you are ready to fly (within the next 30 days) and by which you will be able to fly.

All members of the same family who apply for a flight together will receive one reservation and fly together. For several families, the program cannot guarantee the same flight, however, you can indicate such a wish in the application and the organization will try to group families and friends on the same flights.

Before checking in for the flight, prepare a photo of your passport, CUAET visa, COVID certificate. For children traveling with one parent, prepare a written consent from the other parent with their contact information and a passport photo (notarization is optional).

Within a week after registration, you will be contacted to clarify the details of the flight. Check-in for flights will take place on August 15 from 17:00 on the main page, but it is better to check the opening of check-in earlier, as the demand for a free flight is very high.

To receive a notification about the opening of registration, you can submit an application using the link.

You can learn more about the most profitable flights for Ukrainians in the "Tickets" section.

Health insurance with coverage in Canada is available at the link.