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16 Aug. 2022


Switzerland has changed the conditions for providing financial assistance to Ukrainians

Für Flüchtlinge


Switzerland has changed the conditions for providing financial assistance to Ukrainians

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In the sixth month of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Swiss government announced tougher conditions for calculating cash payments to Ukrainians, Swiss reports. As noted, when considering applications from Ukrainians with S status, the host country's competent authorities will consider their financial situation.

Previously, a person's income and property were not considered.

Recall that since March 2022, more than 60,000 citizens of Ukraine have received the status of temporary protection S in Switzerland. This type allows you to find a job and receive social assistance. At the same time, a person could spend 20-30% of the funds allocated by the state on living. Most of it was intended for medical services and cover other canton expenses for a refugee's maintenance. The amount of payments was fixed and amounted to 1500 Swiss francs per month. Now each application will be considered individually, taking into account the income and property of the person or family. If a citizen of Ukraine withdraws money from bank cards of financial institutions of the country of origin or buys assets, this affects the assessment of the level of income and is a decisive factor when considering a request for material assistance.

The same rules apply in Switzerland for temporary migrants from other countries.

“We noticed that society criticizes the different attitudes towards the temporarily protected and those in need of protection. Therefore, we are discussing different options for how we will now check the assets of those asking for help, ”said Gaby Schollesi, secretary general of the Cantonal Conference of Social Directors, in an interview with Swiss Public Television. According to her, the only exception is the car needed to return from the evacuation. She also stressed that a situation that will force Ukrainians to sell personal vehicles will not lead to good consequences. Income received in the country of temporary residence will also need to be calculated. By significantly increasing the barriers to receiving payments, this will ensure that the principle of legal equality is observed for all refugees receiving material support from the state.