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18 Aug. 2022


"Safety classes" will be created in Ukrainian schools. What are they and why are they needed?



"Safety classes" will be created in Ukrainian schools. What are they and why are they needed?

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On the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Service for Emergency Situations, and the Ministry of Education and Training, Ukrainian schools will create safety classes. On them, schoolchildren will gain knowledge of the basics of civil defense. This was announced by the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kateryna Pavlychenko. According to her, safety classes are needed to teach Ukrainian children the basics of life safety and civil protection.

The situation at the front is constantly changing, and no one knows for sure whether it will be possible to fully study in Ukrainian schools. As noted by the Ministry of Education, the form of training will depend on the security situation in a specific region and the availability of shelters in institutions. Currently, the employees of the State Emergency Service are checking the schools and the areas adjacent to them, the notification systems, the availability of supplies of medicine, water and food in case of an emergency.

Today there are about 70 such classes. 48 of them have already been placed in educational institutions of the country. It was also announced that a pilot project for the training of educators (specialists who will teach in safety classes) will be launched. It is expected to become part of the large-scale Safe Country project, which is currently being developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A two-week training for 17 potential teachers from different territorial communities has already begun. The training will also be held by police officers, employees of the State Emergency Service, and specialists from the Ministry of Education. The project aims to build communication between self-government bodies, the police, the State Emergency Service, education authorities, students and parents.